mercredi 31 mai 2006

A weekend in pictures and (mostly) (contrived) rhetorical questions.

Isn't it sad that the only picture I took in Boston over the weekend that was either not of food nor of FB's swanky new downtown loft is of this piece of art outside the MFA? And Boston was really pretty too, all green and bloomin' and stuff. (And humid. But humidity is harder to capture on film.)

Isn't it nice when your friends take you out to nice lunches and dinners? We've grown up! We treat each other for no reason at all!

Wouldn't you want to live in Providence if it always looked like this, with it all beautifully verdant? (Humidity aside, of course.)

Isn't Campus Dance fun? But isn't it a pity that they had bare naked light bulbs instead of the Chinese paper lanterns they usually have? But isn't it so Great Gatsby-esque anyways? And isn't it nice that they have live music and dance floors and you get to dress up and get drunk outside?

Also, how pathetic am I that I can't even recognise a really famous actor who is literally standing 6 feet away from me? (My patheticness is made even worse by the following: I was told by a friend that the actor was at the table next to theirs. So I knew to be on the look out for him, even though, quite honestly, I don't really care for any of the movies he's ever been in. Oh, except for one. Then, a group of friends was taking a picture with said actor, with my aforementioned friend trying to "subtly" motion at me to look at the photographed group. I looked, and was all, "What am I looking at, our friends are taking a picture with some guy I don't know", and fool that I am, I just assumed that the random guy was some medical school administrator I didn't recognise. Oh, it took me a few long moments to catch on. Looong moments. But you know, maybe I'll just blame this all on the alcohol.)

Aren't bonfires on the river cool? (At least for the first half hour or so.)

Eek, isn't it scary that I could have been a full-fledged doctor by now? Also, isn't it slightly odd that approximately 80% of the females in my cohort are engaged or married? Maybe I should have stuck with medical school, what with the apparent odds of finding a guy.

Isn't it great seeing wildlife from my friend's patio? (On the left is a hawk, on the right the sentinel bee we named Bob. Bob just patrols the patio and only attacks other bees [which is a really awesome sight]. Too bad Bob went to sleep when the sun set, thereby allowing the fucking mosquitos to make me their dinner again.)

Aren't my friends the best, because they know me so well that I was greeted at the door with a drink (limoncello and iced tea - I might be having a lot of this over the summer)? And isn't it even better that the BBQ my friends planned for me involved courses of alcohol accompanied by food, instead of the other way around? And isn't it cute that there was a requisite water course - but bubbly water, so that I could pretend I was drinking? And why didn't I take a picture of the steak and grilled asparagus and ice cream float, dammit?

Isn't it great that we're all immature enough to take great glee in texting one of our friends "PILLOWB00BS!!!" (it's an inside joke you'll never be privy to) every time we get together?

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this, but don't you think it's slightly odd that the pilot on my way home wrote on the back of his business card what an important customer I am and to let him know if there was anything they could do to surpass my expectations? What sort of weird marketing/PR campaign is this? (It is even odder because the card was stuck my book while I was sleeping.) Maybe I will write them to tell them to DROP THE FREAKING FLIGHT PRICES already, because how else am I going to get back to the East coast to see all my friends?