jeudi 11 mai 2006

This stuff's like crack.

You'd be surprised, but I really don't have that much of a sweet tooth. Between french fries and chocolate, I'll choose the french fries about 80% of the time. However, I had leftover matzo at my house (why I had leftover matzo is an entirely different question. I'm not really sure I know the anwer. It's not like I'm Jewish, nor do I celebrate Passover - NO BREAD? No, not for me), and had espied this recipe awhile back, and I knew I just had to make it.

You really don't even know that there's matzo in there. Not underneath the caramel, chocolate, salt, and nuts.

It's great if you like sweets, and even though I'm not really a sweets person, I find myself irresistably drawn to this matzo brittle. If you make it, the sprinkling of salt over the chocolate is positively essential - it really makes the candy fantastic.