jeudi 18 mai 2006

This is one of my favourite movies in the world, but the following quotation is still so true.

The movie When Harry Met Sally did a grave disservice to single people everywhere, by forcing them to look at every friend of the gender towards which they are drawn and wonder: is that who I'm going to end up with? And most of the time, this is not a hopeful, happy question, because if you wanted to end up with that person, you'd already be dating them. Imagine if somebody had told Meg Ryan on that drive from Chicago to New York that she would spend the next twelve years of her life single, punctuated by a handful of relationships that would be both unfulfilling and short lived, and then, finally, just as she is about to give up all hope, who will she be happy to see waiting for her at the end of the aisle? The idiot who just spit grape seeds on her window.

-The Big Love, by Sarah Dunn