mercredi 17 mai 2006

Things I think about instead of my work.

Were I at a normal school (read: normal = semester system), I would be done with work by now, my summer would have started, and I'd have long days of nothing to do. But no. We're on the quarter system, which means I have another FOUR weeks of school left. AN ENTIRE STUPID MONTH.

Okay, perhaps I should stop complaining, because even though I have a month of school left, I still lead a pretty easy life year-round. Fridays (generally) off, if not Thursday afternoons as well. A couple of mornings during the rest of what constitutes my workweek I can sleep in, and I never have to be up past 10pm doing work. And I can skip class within reason. It's really not a bad life.

However, I'm already feeling the summer itch, and I want all this homework to be done already!

Anyhow, over the weekend at the farmers' market, I decided to buy some flowers to prettify up my apartment. Way back when I lived in Paris, I used to pick up a bouquet of tulips weekly, just because I could and because they were cheap (I think back then, around $3USD). I've been more sporadic about buying flowers back in the US, namely because in the Northeast you never got good flowers, and if you did, they were expensive. And really, I'd rather spend that $10 on... I dunno - wine, cheese, chocolate, chewing gum - you get the point. But I was already picking up some flowers for my mother, and decided to splurge for myself as well. Because I like to treat myself well.

Imagine my shock, then, when I realised that a bouquet of random flowers came to only $3.75! Now, that's an indulgence I can definitely make a weekly one.

The problem I've had since then is where to put said flowers. I've been moving them around my apartment, usually when I don't feel like thinking about my upcoming paper, and can't find a satisfactory place. I could put them on one of my (new!) bedside tables, but I already have a lovely fragrant lily of the valley plant there. My dining room table already has a candelabra, there is just no room on my desk, and my coffee table already has a centerpiece bowl (filled with, uh, a bottle of nail polish, a fluorescent light bulb, a toy dinosaur, and a crocheted baby bootie. I really need to figure out something better to keep in it). I temporarily had it on the table next to my sofa, but then I don't really look in that direction all that often and don't get to enjoy them as much as I want to.

So until I figure out a good place to put them, perhaps they'll just be a travelling bouquet. Sort of like a travelling art exhibit. But instead, they're flowers in a vase and I can't decide where to put htem.