dimanche 7 mai 2006

And this yet another reason why a convent sounds so nice.

Now, I'm on Friendster. Who isn't? It's far preferable to MySpace - which, sigh, I am also on, because I am a joiner, y'all. I like joining things, and I also like to be able to keep tabs on people I've gone to school with, because not only am I a joiner, I'm a big gossiper. It's fun. (I was out of college before Facebook really picked up steam, so I'll save you stalking time and tell you that I'm not on there.)

What I never understand, though, are people who go through Friendster and treat it like a dating site. It's not. Match.com is a dating site. The personals at Nerve.com - another dating site. Friendster? NOT A DATING SITE. Hence the name. It's not Letshookupster or Findadatester.

And this is why it continues to perplex me when I get emails from people who seem to think they're on a dating site. For example, take this message I received yesterday:
As I was looking thru your profile and saw your
7 "nice" pic(s) - I think you're really cute and would
like to know u better..when u get a chance read
my profile or visit my website:
[redacted, but believe me, it is LAME. It's like one big dating profile, and includes crap like this: "Children? - If I can afford it, four (4) would be nice (at least one girl, one boy - Jonny Jr., & a Ferrari)." ]

And if I'm someone u might be interested - let me
know. Do you have AIM or email to chat and KIT??

Regards, [redacted] (AIM)
[redacted] (email)

p.s. - how tall r u really? I'm around 5'9".
I also don't like random people who try to add me as their friend. Again, it completely defeats the point of the site.

Oh, I didn't mention that this idiot found me by searching under people who had a certain last name, which makes this go from just blandly amusing in an annoying sort of way to slightly weird and creepy.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet been proposed to by a foreigner who wants a greencard for the US (as happened to one of my friends). But it's only a matter of time, I'm sure.