vendredi 14 avril 2006

Yay for Fridays!

Oh my, do you know how GOOD it feels to have my Friday mornings back? No more TAing! (Although I am co-teaching a course at CSULA, but that is Wednesday afternoons which is an acceptable time to be awake. Sometimes). No more students who give me blank looks when I talk, as if I'm speaking in a foreign language! Instead, I can lay in bed ALL DAMN DAY if I want to, yippee! And I can go drinking on Thursday nights without feeling like crap when I'm teaching! Yay!

Anyway, there were some things I left out of my last San Francisco post. Above are pictures taken at the Ferry Building farmers' market, which is one of my favourites, especially because they had Deep Fried Asparagus for sale. Yum. It was simply amazing.

And I met up with my advisor from last year, and this is what we discussed over tea:
  • Her recent shopping spree
  • Women's shoes in general
  • More shopping
  • Jewelry
  • Hushhush gossip regarding Larry Summers
  • Gossip about people she's currently advising (including how one of her students should break up with her fiancé)
  • My stupid ex-boyfriend ("Oh, I just assumed you were still in touch with him". This is slightly pertinent for later in this post)
  • How she keeps my stupid ex's mother "abreast of [my] progress in the field"
  • Her dating history when she was a single mom
  • How I should try online dating (ha ha ha ha!)
  • Plans for a future postdoc with her (yes please!)
  • How pretty and smart I am
I especially like this last topic of discussion, as I sometimes verge on being vainglorious and adore people who compliment me. She actually drew a bellcurve on the tablecloth (we are dorks, those of us in academia) and marked off a line around the 95th percentile to illustrate my intelligence and looks. That she is one of the most highly respected people in her field means, obviously, that she is right. She is now my new most favourite person in the world.

I also saw my ex's mother - actually, went to her presentation. And wasn't I a touch surprised when, afterwards, when we were talking, when she said, "Oh, [my idiot son] told me you were living in [name of complex]." It is good we keep tabs on each other. Makes it easier to avoid one another.

For some reason, it is raining out when it was 85 degrees yesterday, so I am going back to bed.