samedi 22 avril 2006

A rather boring post about what I did yesterday.

Hi, it's me! No, I didn't get sucked into an otherworldly vortex where all I was doing was avoiding blocks (see prior post for my newest tool of procrastination, after drinking, cooking, and shopping, of course). No, I had a really excuse for not writing (aside from the fact that I think I'm going back to my prior posting-on-a-whim deal, for this scheduled writing, while really good in terms of self-discipline, was getting rather dull for me). You see, I was busy yesterday. Very busy.

Doing what, you ask?

Let's see.

7am. Wake up. Realise that it is really freaking early, you don't have class today, and yuck. You're hungover. Maybe only having soup for dinner before going drinking is never a good idea, and haven't you learned your lesson yet? No.

7:15am. Can't really fall back asleep, especially since the trash picker-upper people are making a ruckus. Decide to lay in bed and read.

10:25am. Ack! When did it get to be 10:25? Maybe you fell asleep while reading. And ack! You need to shower because yippee, you have a facial in under an hour. Drink a lot of water, since you are still a little hungover. Also eat half a bagel, even though you aren't really hungry, because hi, being hungover sucks.

11:20am. Only 5 minutes late for the facial, and that was because finding parking was wretched. What's up with the new slow-ass parking meter stations that take forever to process payment? Sigh.

11:45am. Mmm. The facial was great, and new skincare products? Yippee! Fun! On the way back to the car, get a phone call from a friend asking if you were still meeting for lunch. Oops. Forgot. Made those plans drunk, but hey, it's Friday. Lunch sounds great!

. That was a long lunch. But oh-so-good! Call another friend you're supposed to go out with tonight. She mentions she has a new pilates tape. Do you maybe want to check it out together? Sure!

3:30pm. You have been extremely good for the last 20 minutes and finished up a homework assignment due next week. Yay for you! And now your friend is over, and you can do pilates.

5:20pm. That pilates tape was stupid. In the four years you've done pilates, you've never seen ANY of the moves on that tape. Pilates for dummies indeed. Perhaps you meant more time making fun of the tape than actually doing pilates. But what does it matter? You're both showered, prettified up, and ready to go out!

5:45pm. Get on the metro headed downtown. That's right. THE METRO. You have finally taken public transportation in LA, and didn't die or have something else awful happen to you. In fact, the rail system is rather nice - at least, the metro stations are. Each one looks different, and in a good way. And it only takes 15 minutes to get downtown! Too bad you actually have to drive to get to the metro station. That sort of makes it inconvenient.

7:15pm. Head back to Hollywood, after having hit up a happy hour downtown, scarfing down way cheap bar food and decently priced drinks. It's so weird how taking public transportation makes you feel like you're going to a completely different world.

7:40pm. Head to your favourite wine bar, and have pig candy with several glasses of wine. Mmm. Pig candy. Just thinking about it again makes you happy. Also, be very amused when your friend brings up your marrying her brother AGAIN. Because she is fixated on this idea. True, it would be awesome having her as a sister-in-law ("Where's my wife again?" "Off drinking with your sister again."), but logistically this would not work out as said brother is still currently in Italy, and when he gets back to the US he's headed straight for Cambridge. Thus, meeting him? When would that happen? And how would a relationship get started and be sustained? But somehow, your friend has it all worked out in her head and you married off to her brother. Awesome. One thing less to worry about.

9:50pm. Head to another bar (yes, one you were at last night). The usual shenanigans, hijinks, drunken good times, etcetc.

So, you see, there was no time to sit at the computer and write stuff, seeing that we didn't get back home until 2ish in the morning. That I'm not hungover today is a miracle, but I have spent most of it lazing about on the couch watching movies. That's what weekends are for, after all.