lundi 24 avril 2006

Adventures in flying.

On my way there, I was most unfortunately sitting in front of this WAILING toddler who also decided to take out his anger by alternately kicking my chair and playing with the pull-down tray. Quite concidentally, I was reading a slew of articles on parenting and children's academic and emotional outcomes, and just wanted to shove them in his mother's face.

On my way back, I flew with one of my cousins. While we were waiting in the terminal for our flight, this Really Creepy Guy kept staring at us and butting in our conversations, adding his own commentary whenever he felt like it was appropriate, which, for us, was NEVER. And did I mention the Really Creepy Staring? It was Really Creepy. And wouldn't you know, of course he ended up sitting next to me on the plane (my cousin sitting in the other aisle seat as those were the only seats we could get next to each other). He kept trying to engage me in conversation while I was waiting for my cousin to board, and I kept giving him polite but curt answers, obviously not wanting to talk to him. Oh, but that didn't stop him from resuming his Creepy Staring and Butting Into Conversation that he did quite adeptly (but annoyingly) in the terminal. I mean, WHY? My cousin and I were obviously doing quite fine talking to each other, and only each other. Not to mention, he was also not only an armrest hog, but also the kind of asshat who encroaches into the space Across the armrest, i.e. MY space, nearly constantly elbowing me. To make things even better (or worse), the guy sitting next to my cousin decided to be a Creepy Eavesdropper, obviously listening to our conversation (and we weren't even talking that loud!). Creepy creepy annoying people.

It's times like this when I wish I could always fly first class. Although, I suppose, nowhere can you avoid the crying or the creepiness.