vendredi 17 mars 2006

It is way too early for this.

I am sorry, but the fuck?

The last time I received one of these was freshman year in college (at, oddly enough, approximately the same point in the school year), and at that point it resulting in my sorta dating this guy for a short spell, which I guess is sort of a happy ending (until he turned all weird).

BUT. This was sent to my school account, which none of my friends would ever use, since I conduct all personal correspondance through my alumni account. Not to mention, only three of my friends even know my school account, and I doubt any of the rest of them would really bother looking me up on the school directory.

I am hoping this was a prank, because otherwise, the remaining two options are most unpalatable: 1) stalker or 2) student.

I don't know which is worse. Really.