lundi 20 mars 2006

In which I introduce new exciting video technology!

Hey, so did you know? It was St. Patrick's day on Friday. And even though there's not one drop of Irish blood in me, something had to be done to celebrate. Read: any reason is a good reason to have people over for dinner and to go out for drinks. How this differs from normal weekends, I'm not really sure.

I was going to make something more traditionally Irish in a nod to the occasion, like Shepard's Pie or corned beef, but I've been making a lot of braised meat dishes recently, and thought that a change might be nice. Hence, this sweet pea risotto with shrimp with mint pesto, which I got off of this website. Quite obviously, mine didn't turn out as picturesque, but it was tasty nonetheless. And it was green, to boot! And I'm so glad that Penny and Jen don't mind that I remain in my pajamas and that dinner is never ready on time.

After that, we went out of course, but not to any Irish pub that would have probably been teeming with drunk frat boys. No, we went back to my favourite bar, in large part because we couldn't think of anywhere else to do, and in large part because it's a fantastic bar.

Plus, they have food. Yes, I know that I'd made dinner. But I don't make onion rings. And this was practically like a gazillion hours later, and we needed something to eat. And these onion rings were fantastic. Just look at how pretty they are. Mmm.

But really, I need to probably stop taking pictures in bars. Out of deference to everyone else, I usually always turn the flash off (except in the above case, where I wanted to capture the glory of the onion rings). Because then, I end up with pictures like the following:

So those are Irish car bombs - not ours, but they were lined up so nicely I couldn't help but take a picture. I always wondered - doesn't the shot glass hit your teeth while you're chugging the drink? Isn't there potential for massive dental damage, especially as you get drunker and clumsier? Between that, and the fact that I don't really like beer or whisky, I'll probably never end up personally knowing.

Now, there is a point to this picture; it's not just of empty chairs. Jen was outside, so Penny and I decided to take a picture of her. I don't know if you can really see it in the picture - oh, I guess I used my flash for some reason - but there are three heads against the windowsill. Actually, you can really only see two of them and the sliver of a third in the middle. Which, um, we assumed was Jen. Hi Jen! Penny and I love you!

But it wasn't. It turned out she was standing where we couldn't see her, so we don't know who the short head belonged to. Heh.

And this might be my most favourite picture of the evening. What is it of, you ask? I don't know either! It's like I just made a box on my website and filled it in with black. Except that I downloaded it off my camera. And it is black like the night!

There might also be pictures of us getting fast food, and oh, uh, perhaps video as well, not all of which I really remember taking. But I just reviewed it, and it is SO DAMN FUNNY. So I decided that I just had to post it. I love you, Penny and Jen!

(You know what this video technology means, right? Oh yes, potential for even more embarrassing posts. Good thing I'm always in control of the camera.)

Addendum, 14h11
Okay, I didn't actually finish this post because I had to do things like finish a paper on the pragmatics of speech as it was due today. And then I saw a caterpillar on the mint plant in my kitchen, which scared the fuck out of me, and now I'm afraid to go into my kitchen. However, after I killed it by wrapping it in 10 layers of paper towel and then dropping a big fat physiology textbook (why the hell do I still have physiology textbooks?) on it, I then doused the entire plant with some super duper anti-bug spray I got at the nursery. And I got a pedicure while I was out too. And maybe stopped at Target. And perhaps got some pulled pork because I felt anemic. And then I fixed my YouTube videos so you could actually watch them.

Obviously, I still have more papers to write.

Anyway, I'm adding this clip too, because it is so sad that I do not remember taking it but it is soooo funny, and it's a good thing I have my camera to remember such moments for me.