vendredi 24 mars 2006

I know, I haven't been around all week, and then I just leave you.

How cute! It's a baby strawberry on my alpine strawberry plant!

Hopefully it'll still be around in a week's time (although odds are no - my strawberry plant currently hates being indoors and wants to die), because I'm off for Paris bright and early Saturday morning - definitely before the sun rises - the shuttle's picking me up at 3:30AM! Who's just going to go out drinking all night and not bother sleeping 'til she gets on the plane? At least I'm flying first class, because I am not looking forward to this seventeen hour trek (stupid layover). Oh, that's right. I'll have 240 essays I need to grade with which to occupy my time. Awesome. But can I say that I'm flying first class again? The entire way there and back? It makes everything slightly more tolerable.

(Who hasn't yet even started to pack? Who, in fact, is still finishing up her last paper? Oopsies!)

And my friend and I rented an apartment in the Marais, we're gonna meet up with some friends there (including Fake Boyfriend, who is making an impromptu trip - did you know that it was in Paris five years ago that our fake relationship started? Maybe we can make some fake progress on it) - and oh yeah, didja know? Other fun girls will be there also! (They are travelling with two other equally fun girls, but the other two don't have websites so I don't have anything to link for you).

Here is a list of my current favourite things, inspired by my upcoming trip:

Les religieuses.
Les macarons (although we do have good ones here now, too).

(Oh, and I guess museums and stuff too).

And like the dork that I am, I'm excited to be speaking French again.

Oh, and did I mention? The apartment we were going to be staying in had a fuite d'eau, so the agency moved us to a BIGGER apartment (nearly twice the size! And yet, still not the same size as my apartment in LA) ONE BLOCK away from my favourite shopping street in the Marais.

This trip is already starting out great, and I haven't even left yet.