lundi 27 février 2006

A little too close for comfort.

So the world has what, over 6.5 billion people in it? And the American population is closely heading towards 300 million. But let's get even smaller. The population of Los Angeles city is about 4 million. That is still a lot of people.

But as everyone knows, relationally, the world is teensy.

Take, for instance: this past weekend, one of my friends from my masters program was in town. She'd lived here for the last 12 years, yet somehow thought that living in Boston for the near future would be fun. I have no idea why. I'm not making that mistake again, not anytime soon, at least. Anyway, she was back visiting, and a bunch of us went out to dinner.

Really, I just like drawing on paper tablecloths.

It turned out that one of her friends, whom I'd never met before, grew up around the corner from me. Literally. Less than two blocks away. We drew a map to ascertain this fact.

So of course, we played the name game - which all but brilliantly failed when he said he graduated from high school in 1983. I didn't know what to say. Since I'd just met him, I couldn't laugh in his face because some people would consider that slightly rude. I think I settled for blinking owlishly at him, trying to come up with a polite way of saying that I was three in 1983 and that even though his younger sister graduated high school in 1986? We probably didn't have any friends in common.

It is a good thing this restaurant is relatively far from my house, else I'd be going here all the time for these things.

Luckily, a waiter came 'round with a plate of garlic balls, and I stuffed one into my mouth so that I would have time to think of response. Food, again, to the rescue!

I think I had like two bites of my veal parmesan, probably because hi, I ate a gazillion garlic balls.

By the way, these garlic balls are the reason to come to C&O Trattoria. The food is your standard red sauce Italian with gargantuan plate sizes and hearty fare. The fact that the chianti is priced by the "honor system", where you mark on the tablecloth a line for every glass of wine that you've consumed is rather cute. They also have sing-alongs which are charming in a campy sort of way. But oh, those garlic balls. I completely understand now why my friend craved them so much to the point that this was THE first restaurant she had to go to in coming to LA. They are so addictive, and just so wonderful.

The waiter with a tray of desserts. Unfortunately, we couldn't get any, because, hi, remember those garlic balls?

But anyway. After oh-so-deftly avoiding an answer to that question, he finally asked me just how old I was. Hee. And it later turned out that we've lived in the same places in the LA area, with me following behind him by approximately a decade or so.

I mean, I'm a stalker, and didn't even know it.

But speaking of stalking. Another of my East coast exes (a nice generic label for anyone whom I dated while I lived on that coast) has moved to LA. Even better, odds are high that he'll be living in my apartment complex. Yes, I know that over 10,000 people live in this complex, but STILL. There are many places he can live, why did he choose to be my neighbour? Especially since another East coast ex already lives here.

So that got me a-thinkin', and a-tallyin', and egads! I might have to start disguising myself when I leave my apartment, for:

1 ex will probably move to this complex
1 ex already lives in this complex
1 ex lives 3 blocks away, not in the complex but he's so close it's like he does
1 ex lives about half a mile away
1 ex still lives in NY, but is working in LA over the summer and will probably take an apartment in this area, or so I hear
1 ex is going starts his residency in the OC this summer
1 ex ranked LA really high on his list of residency matches, so he might very well end up out here

If you are counting, that is 7 people I went out with on the EAST coast who are, or will be, in the greater LA area. NONE of them are originally from here. And this isn't even counting the guys I've gone on dates with whom I actually met here.

Really, the world is so big. Why do all these people I don't want to see live practically in my backyard?