lundi 20 février 2006

Italian men would have been a lovely addition.

I am so glad that today is a holiday. I desperately need this day off, so that I can catch up on all the work I should have done this weekend but didn't because 1) I was either drinking or 2) I was sleeping off all the effects of drinking.

But you know, I'll probably spend most of it half-assedly doing work while I watch movies on TV.

So what was I doing this weekend? Friday, I decided to throw a small party, because it wasn't like I hadn't already had a dinner party during the week. Actually, I'd been planning the party for awhile. And I planned it for the Friday of the long weekend, precisely so I could have enough time to recuperate over the rest of the weekend. I didn't anticipate almost everyone else going out of town. Oopsies. But hey, more food for those of us who were there!

The drink of the night was a jazzed-up mimosa: orange juice, Campari, and prosecco. It's such a pretty colour and goes down smoothly.

One of my friends came over early to help me "set up" (which really entailed just plating everything, since I took the easy way out and bought almost everything pre-prepared), and by setting up, I mean we started drinking at 4pm while watching cheesy movies and reading fashion magazines.

Did I mention that the invite told people to show up at 8pm? We did debate whether we'd started the drinking too early, but then were like, pffft. It's never too early to start drinking.

It was Italian-themed, and thus I had various Italian sausages and cheeses (including proscuitto wrapped around grissini - a meat lollipop, someone called them, which really, has other connotations and haha I've stuck that pretty little piece of imagery in your head now, haven't I?). There were olives and cherry tomatoes, and the honeyed figs that I'd made earlier in the week but got too lazy to get around to serving on Valentine's day. And then I made some sage risotto bites (which were more like sage risotto crumbles, since they didn't really hold their shape, but they still tasted good!) and a chocolate orange cake.

With the Italian Job looped on my TV in the background (okay, fine, I forgot that the majority of it was actually set in LA), there was wine to be had, along with good conversation ranging from egging ex-boyfriends' apartments, religion, shopping, boys, music, boys again, food, and much more. And for once, I was not the drunkest person there (a bad habit of mine), so it was funny to see all the other drunker people. Person. Hee!

No, there were no french fries at the end of this party, but that's because I was too damn lazy to leave my apartment to get some. Plus, did you hear? It rained over the weekend! But it definitely was a good night, full of food and drink and friends. And really, what more do you need than that?