lundi 16 janvier 2006

Some day I'll write a real post again. But not today.

  • Lest you think I'm a complete slob, here are some pictures of my prettily-organised closet. Mmm, look at all those shoes. And that's maybe about 1/3rd of all the shoes I own.

  • Some of my idiot students apparently didn't listen in class last week, thereby missing the announcement that there would be no section held last week. So I got angry emails from approximately five of them who had showed up to section at 8am on Friday morning, wanting to know why I wasn't there. Sucks for them that they were up so early. I was still in bed.

  • I hate people who ask, "So, do you have friends?", or variations of this question. What kind of asinine question is this? I have found that the people who ask this generally don't have too many friends of their own. For instance, one of my high school friends recently asked me if I had made friends at school. I wanted to hit her for her stupidity. It's not my fault that she did not talk to anyone in her undergrad and grad schools (and in fact, I am in touch with more people from her alma mater than she is), and thus has practically no friends at all. As much as I say that I hate talking to strangers, I do it, especially under the auspices of being in class because there is nothing that better alleviates boredom in class than talking to whoever's next to you.

  • Why did I not know about the existence of this website until yesterday? Maybe I've hung out with too many frat guys, but I spent half my afternoon reading his stories, laughing so hard my stomach hurt.