vendredi 20 janvier 2006

Red meat is my friend.

The complete meal - well, more or less. I had to start eating right away, you see.

So, where was I? Steak? Ah yes, steak.

After practically eating (my version of) healthy for over a week (aside from the pizza lapse at a birthday party, but hi! Birthday party! Eating rules do NOT apply), I decided that I wanted a nice juicy steak as I get steak cravings approximately once a month, if not more often. Plus, I was feeling sorry for myself because my eye? My eyeball hates me, positively HATES ME, and I swear some day it's just going to pop itself out of its socket and leave me with only one working eye. (You are very welcome for that bit of imagery.) And nothing makes this girl feel better than steak. (Okay, sex and/or pretty jewelry would have done the trick too, but steak is easier until I get myself a boy-on-call or a sugar daddy. Which could be one and the same, with the right guy and all.)

Happiness in a cast iron pan.

So the only thing to do was to make one. And I did, using this recipe. Plus, my cast iron pan needed a workout. I read the reviews, and they warned of Lots Of Smoke, so I opened all the windows to my apartment even though it was a frigid 55°F and closed off the door to the hallway to my bedroom, because for some reason, the two smoke detectors in my apartment are located outside my bedroom and above my bed. That makes so much sense. At least I know that my clothes will always be safe. But anyway, I took precautions, because the last thing I wanted was my smoke detectors to go off. I'm sure my elderly neighbours would just love me then.

But guess what? Maybe I did (or didn't) do something wrong, because there was no smoke! No! So I ran around my apartment quickly closing windows in order to keep the steak smell inside.

Another picture of it cooking in the pan. Because it's just so pretty. Maybe I'll hang this on my wall.

I don't know what cut I used as I - gasp - pulled this particular piece of meat out from the freezer, as it was leftover from a previous steak venture. But it was fantastic nonetheless. This is a ridiculously easy method for cooking steak indoors, and while, true, it's nothing like grilling outdoors or eating at a restaurant, it's a very viable alternative.

As a side, I blanched some green beans and sprinkled them with salt and garlic powder. If only I had been prescient enough to pick up a potato on the way home from school, then I could've had a nice (buttery) baked potato, but given my recent infatuation with homemade pita chips, I didn't really need a potato. (Plus, I get my potato fixes on the weekends in the form of drunken cravings for french fries. Mmm, Jack in the Box has some yummy seasoned fries on their menu now..)

A close-up, so you can see how nice and rare I like it - just this side of bloody.

To drink (what, you think I could have steak without a drink?), I did ponder the very nice thought of a lovely glass of red, but then decided against it because it quite simply would have been too heavy. So instead I opted for the very easy bubbly-in-a-can, which while it isn't my favourite, it does serve the purpose nicely. (And then I don't feel pressured to have an entire bottle of booze, because please, it was a school night!)

And to round out my dinner, a nice little square of dark chocolate! Because it's good for your health, obviously.