lundi 9 janvier 2006

Highlights from the weekend.

I don't have enough to make a complete post, nor do I have the wherewithal to write smooth transitions for what did happen, so I'm just going to describe highlights, in list form.

  • I have officially found my new favourite bar in town. The bartender, who on a previous trip denied me a mint julep, citing lack of tin cup, further explained his viewpoint to me, that mint juleps are not sissy drinks (which I knew, hello, it's practically all bourbon with a touch of mint and sugar) and that he was tired of making them the sissy way the way most people in this town wanted them and so he refused to make them anymore. You'd think I'd be annoyed, but I totally respected him because he was sticking to his craft. And I cannot fault that. That he's been making me perfect dirty martinis, negronis, and even this random drink where all I went was, "I want something with that raspberry Hangar One vodka" (which is incredibly hard to find in bars or anywhere, really). That this last drink where I gave him virtually no guidelines, yet was exactly what I wanted, only adds to my adoration for him, and by extension, the bar.

  • That the waiter is hot doesn't hurt either.

  • 1 hour tennis + wine tasting + 3 martinis + only half a plate of french fries eaten since noon = definite drunkenness, but at least no bruised knees!

  • I'm not sure whether the bartender telling me that if he had one negroni, he'd be under the table, is good or bad, when that was only my second of three martinis (and I'm not even counting the wine) of the night.

  • If you are going to be an idiot male, and not only wear a STRIPED shirt with a PINSTRIPED blazer (plus, you're going balding and are greasy), and have the gall to lie about where you went to school, at least be a man enough to bluff out your lie for a little bit. Going, "Oh yeah, I went to Yale and Hahvard," will only result in me going, "Oh, so where did you live?" because guess what? You have picked the WRONG GIRL to which to lie. Not to mention, while my gaydar might be wonky, my BSdar? VERY VERY GOOD. But then when you immediately reply, "Oh, I didn't really go there", you just look like MORE of an ASSHAT, which I didn't think could happen BUT IT DID.

  • And then to get UPPITY and MAD when we refuse to talk to you, because you are such an ASSHAT you lied about your alma mater, is just pathetic. Leave us along and take your greasy balding striped self elsewhere. Preferably to another state.

  • I went to an absolutely lovely dinner party at Jen's. If I didn't like cooking so much, I'd relinquish all further dinner party duties to her.

  • I slept for 19 hours on Saturday.

  • I haven't slept this much since I visited a friend in Berlin, and even then I only slept 12 hours.

  • I really hope this doesn't mean that I'm sick, and that I got mono from this other grad student. Because I will be so mad if I got mono. Especially since I wouldn't have gotten it by kissing a hot guy.

  • The only reason I woke up Saturday was to go watch a football game (Pats vs. whoever they played). If that's not a sign that I'm sick, I don't know what is.

  • But then again, I like the guys with whom I watched football. Even if they play stupid "gentlemen's" games like Birdeye that involve giving the birdeye to someone, then that someone must lay down on the floor and having another guy straddle him before he can get up. (I cannot explain this game to you. It is too ridiculous for words.) And once you are in the game, you are in it FOR LIFE. Boys are silly.

  • One of said guys (and the propagator of abovementioned game) said I smelled good upon hugging me, and that in his next life he wanted it to smell like me. Seriously. Silly boy.
  • Did you hear? I am going to be a teaching assistant. In anthropology. A subject in which I have never before taken a class. Did I mention I have never taught (aside from two undergraduate French classes which was one of my course requirements) before either? This is going to rock, y'all.

  • Is it wrong that I'm hoping for hot jocks to be in my section? I mean, if I have to teach, I might as well teach hot jocks. (Yet I know I'll get the annoying know-it-alls. Sigh.)

  • I saw one of the hot guys from NYE's fire escape meeting! In my hallway! Unfortunately, he might be gay. Which is typical of my taste, because apparently I have a propensity for the guys who exhibit gay characteristics whether or not they are actually gay.

  • Speaking of guys. Why is it that so many guys I know need to pony up and grow some cajones, or at least get some testosterone supplements? Because other girls I know and I are SO DONE with whiny guys who repeatedly email/call. There is probably a reason we're not contacting you. And that reason is probably you. So go away.

  • My mom felt for my lymph nodes and she says no mono. Yet it is all I can do to drag myself out of bed. (And no, not on drugs, haven't even had abnormally large amounts of alcohol since the 3-martini night, and I don't drink anything with caffeine.) Then what is wrong with me? Why can't I wake up? My mother doesn't believe me when I say that I'm dying.

  • But one way to look at it is that we're born, and then spend the rest of our lives dying. So I am right, as always.
On THAT happy note, have a wonderful Monday!

(Can you tell that school starts today? Boo!!!)