vendredi 6 janvier 2006

Bibbidy Bobbidy BOO.

Aside from the last couple of years, I've gone to Disneyland with friends at least once a year, if not more often. That's what you get when Disneyland is practically in your backyard. We know Disneyland like the back of our hands. And even though we've decided that it's just an incredibly overpriced place full of carnival rides, we willingly return. Because that's the magic of Disney.

Dreams come true, or ELSE.

Not only is Disneyland "the Happiest Place on Earth", but in my opinion, it is also one of the cleanest and most-organised places on Earth - two attributes that definitely, in my opinion, contribute to the "happiest" qualifier.
"If the entire world were as clean and as organised as Disneyland is, it would be the best place ever."
"It would be the happiest world on Earth."
"You mean, it would be the happiest world ever?"
'Oh, yeah.
"Maybe then it would be the happiest world in the galaxy."
Brain surgeons, we were definitely not that day. But seriously, have you seen how efficient Disneyland is? Many many many people could stand to learn from them.

See, Winnie the Pooh is trying to go home, and this kid is accosting him and not letting him go. Also, it is amusing that the characters have handlers (the rightmost guy in the picture).

ScarlettAce and I like to go to this magical wonderful world right after January 1st, because then most of the damn tourists have left and we have full reign of the park and there aren't too many people around to annoy us. But we were FOILED this year, dammit. It seemed like the park was full of rugrats and strollers and incompetent stroller-pushers. "At least they're short, you can just push right past them," both Scarlett and my cousin (with whom I was on the phone at one point) said. True enough. But lines for rides as stupid as the Pinocchio one were over half an hour long. (We've been spoiled in years past. We won't wait more than 15 minutes for a ride.) And you should have seen the lines of children running after Disney characters as the characters tried to make their escape. It was unreal. Also, we could not get our pictures taken with any characters as the lines for that were too long also. But maybe that's for the best. We got groped by Woody once. That was not hot. Never trust the characters where you can't see the real people's faces.

Oh, did you think Esmeralda was a real person? No, she is a machine that dispenses scarily accurate prophecies.

One of our favourite things to do at the park is play in the penny arcade, where miraculously, things are still a penny. And we always get our fortune read by Esmeralda, the fortune reader. My fortune this time 'round started off so well ("Will have a long life and are capable of filling lofty positions... [Have a] strong will power that will accomplish anything you undertake.") but quickly went downhill, as these things often do ("You will have considerable property many times, which will be taken from you repeatedly.") It also says I will probably marry an artist or one who works on the stage. HAH. OVER MY DEAD BODY. While I'm all for supporting the arts and whatnot, how am I going to be a stay-at-home mother if I have to support a starving artist? (Haa! My advisor would kill me if I told her I wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. So it's a good thing I don't really want to be one, that was just a rhetorical question.)

Ah, Disney makes sure that even little details like the playing cards are infected with Disney characters.

Unless it's someone hot like Michael Vartan. Although he isn't really working so much right now, is he. Sigh.

I am a sucker for penny arcades.

Then I decided to get my fortune read by another machine because we didn't want to venture back into the park itself with all the little whining brats.

Haa! Wonderfully cheesy!

Check it out! I'm high in everything but luck and love. Which explains so many things, sigh. But at least I have my health and friends, right?

View from the spinning teacup ride, which I love, but it takes a lot of effort to get the teacups to spin quickly. And check out what a BEAUTIFUL day it was. Yesterday, it got into the mid-80s. I love LA.

Maybe one of the highlights of the day was when my advisor called me about a potential TAing position, setting off an hour of back-and-forth phone conversations between me and talking to her, the professor in the department in charge of assigning TAs, and the department graduate advisor. Sadly, my talking about potential jobs in unusual places is not unfamiliar for me - I have been known to have job interviews with investment banking firms in NY while standing outside a bar in Paris at 10pm. And this TA position would be great - it would be in a different department, in a subject I have never taken before and never really had an interest in (contrary to my advisor's belief), and I was recommended for it just because the aforementioned professor thought of me. It amuses me to no end. But I'm hoping that if I get the position, I get the jock section. Because I would have so much fun with that. But you know I'd get the annoying know-it-alls. Unfortunately, it's not in the bag. Sigh.

Yes, I LOVE carousels like nobody's business.

Anyway, I think Scarlett might have a photo of me on the phone with the graduate advisor taking notes on a Disneyland map. Did I mention I was on the carousel at the time, astride a purple dolphin? Yes, nothing screams PROFESSIONALISM like someone on her cell phone trying to talk about a job whilst on a merry-go-round that features unusually-coloured sea animals. But, I did tell them all that I was at Disneyland and Not Near a Computer, but this all had to be taken care of rightaway, according to them (and the fact that, hrm, classes start NEXT WEEK. So if the professor doesn't take me, he is short one TA).

That hour also commenced me bumping into poles for the rest of the day. Ah, yes. A true grown-up mature professional I am.

I almost bought this funny alarm clock, but I would have to get rid of "xrsize" somehow.

And lo, we are getting old. After a full day at the park (we even took a two hour break to have dinner with my cousins), we were WIPED OUT at the early hour of 10pm. There were sore backs, legs, knees, ankles. And yet, there were kids still running around totally hyped up on sugar and pure Disney magic. But us old fogies, all we wanted to do was go home and sleep.

Still, there's nothing like a day at Disneyland. Somehow, year after year, it remains amazingly fun. Maybe they put something in the water.