mercredi 21 décembre 2005

Technology helps you accomplish so much.

Another favourite breakfast: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. I like the colours here too.

Every once in awhile, a couple of friends on the East coast and I will get on a three-way call, put each other on speakerphone, and then get drunk together.

(Gosh, I know, does everything I do revolve around food and/or alcohol? The answer is no, because you didn't throw shopping into that mix.)

It sounds a little silly, but there's logic in our madness. It's better than just an ordinary phone call because that's just between two people, and this way we've three of us which is just more convivial. We get to catch up on each other's lives (and we're not all treated to duplicate retellings), and then we're not drinking alone. It's as though we met up at a bar - although we're in the comfort of our own apartments (and pajamas!) as these conversations often last over two hours and aside from the fact that we're on our phones, it's like we're in each others' presence.

Since we can't be flying back and forth across the country all the time, we'll take what we can get. And don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

It's like being back in junior high, but spiked with alcohol.