mercredi 14 décembre 2005

A pause for breakfast.

The best thing about not having anything to do during the day is that I can eat breakfast. I always start off the school year with the best of intentions, which includes eating breakfast every day because I hear it's a good meal for you, and all that jazz. Plus, I really really really like eggs in all shapes and forms. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, I get too lazy to make breakfast, for even if I don't have to be at school until 3pm, there's usually so much stuff I have to do in the morning that breakfast falls by the wayside. And don't talk to me about cereal, which I generally don't like except as a snack, or other non-egg breakfast items. Breakfast, for me, Always Involves Eggs. It is not breakfast without eggs!

That rambling aside, yay! Time for breakfast - which, actually, I generally tend to eat around, oh, noon, probably making it more like lunch, but eggs = breakfast, and don't try to argue that point with me.

I found some awesome tomatoes at the market, and with the flourishing of my basil plant (one of the two herbs that didn't utterly wither and die in my care - although, I blame the lack of direct sunlight) - well, chopped tomatoes mixed with a touch of salt and basil instantly transport me back to when my friends and I rented a villa in Tuscany, and we had this, accompanied by scrambled eggs, of course, for breakfast (or lunch, as the case may be) every morning. Although the atmosphere in LA isn't quite the same as the bucolic Tuscan countryside, nevertheless, the contrast between the slightly cold and crisp tomatoes with the warm creaminess of the scrambled eggs - eaten in conjunction with a nice warm buttery toasted English muffin - it makes me wonder why I don't force myself to eat breakfast more often.

(Plus, look at the picture! How pretty is it?!)