mercredi 28 décembre 2005

It's a small world after all.

So, I totally lied on Monday when I said that I was going to spend the day cloistered in my apartment. While I did spend the daylight hours tidying up my apartment and lounging on the couch watching various movies, nighttime was an entirely different matter. For, you see, holiday breaks mean that people go home to visit family. And since I'm already home, it's practically like people come back to visit me, but I don't have to host them. Awesome! (Don't get me wrong, I love having people stay with me. But since my first couple of weeks of December were full of visitors, I've hit my quota this month.)

Anyway. Shortly after I wrote Monday's post, I made plans to hang out with a friend Monday night, a friend whom I've known since I was three. Do you know how long that is? I've known her now for twenty-two years, which is practically an eternity (and longer than I've known my own sister, which always weirds me out when I think about it). I have, quite literally, known this girl for nearly my entire life. (And her older sister, I hear, reads this site. Hi, friend's older sister! And no, I'm sorry, but I will not resurrect that part of my webpage where I detailed my most recent purchases because honestly, it's a little embarassing how often I go shopping).

So I chose a bar in Eagle Rock based solely on the fact that it was pretty much equidistant from our respective home bases. It is located in this otherwise totally desolate part of town, as there is basically NOTHING open for blocks around it. NOTHING. I swear, I thought I spied a tumbleweed out of the corner of my eye as I was driving up there.

And little did I know that this friend had invited two other girls we'd gone to high school with, and who, in fact, were what are known as "lifers" at our fine all-girls institutions, "lifers" due to the fact that we went there for duh, practically our entire lives (in other words, for nine years, which is how many years the school went).

Truth be told, I didn't have contact with any of these girls once I left high school. You know how it goes. You scatter off to various different places for college and get more or less completely wrapped up in your current life, so on and so forth.

But then college ended, and for various reasons, we slowly started creeping back into each others' lives. And honestly, I'm grateful for it. It's (generally) a good thing to reconnect with others from your past.

Anyhow, there's not really a point to this. It's great reconnecting with old friends, even if I am an inveterate gossip and am up-to-date with about 75% of what our high school class is doing (with 49 in our graduating class, tisn't so hard).

But, in the surprise of the night, in this random bar in a random part of LA, we ran into not one, but three, girls who had also gone to our high school (but had graduated a couple of years below us). Only one acknowledged our presence - maybe the others were too drunk (but nobody was as drunk as the idiot who wanted me to pinky swear to bless his eyebrows) or were confused why four girls stopped in their tracks to stare at them.

That's not as random as the time I ran into a girl who'd graduated a couple of years ahead of me when I was drunk at 3am in Providence during my graduation weekend at the hot dog place, or as random as I just had a class this past quarter with a girl who'd graduated ahead of me in high school, or... well, I could go on forever.

Really, our high school is teeny. But apparently, we are everywhere.

It's too bad we can't come up with a secret hand sign that we can flash to other people who've gone to our high school, because it would be so damn funny. I know that I personally would have a ball with it. Maybe I will bring it up to alumnae council or something. School song be damned, I want secret hand signs.