lundi 7 novembre 2005

Pre-holiday holiday party.

The beacon of light, so that people could hopefully find my apartment. I know it's supposed to be all fancy artsy, and it looked great in the store, but it was actually a pain to put together - so uncooperative and the metal left tiny cuts on my fingers. Not to mention, you cannot look directly at the light because it is so bright.

One of the reasons for Friday's woefully meager post was that, well, I had a party Saturday night, and I was focusing all my energies on that, including to the exclusion of writing this wretched paper I have. Grad school is great until you actually have to produce written text. So instead of writing the paper, I made dip. (Usually I toil over hot stoves and ovens.) Lots of dip. Because it was easy and all I had to do was either toss ingredients into a blender or stir it by hand. Because I was technically supposed to be writing a paper, you see, not playing in the kitchen.

I'll identify the dip according to the colour of the bowl that it's in.
And there were radishes, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, baby carrots, red peppers and bread for the dipping and spreading.

I can't take all the credit for the plating - a friend came over early to do that with me. And so we could start drinking two hours before everyone else arrived.

Since I made all the dips, I knew what went in all of them. And I hate sour cream and mayonnaise like nothing else in the world. As a matter of fact, I was making faces and holding my breath as making dips with those bases. But other people seem to like them. So I didn't have any of those dips, and have no idea how they taste. However, the artichoke olive dip? Amazing. Sooo good. Hence why there was so little of that particular dip left at the start of the party. Another of my favourites was the provençal bean dip - rather like garlicky hummus, with a hint of rosemary.

I also made cheesecake brownies (roughly using this recipe, but sans raspberries as really, I don't like to mix fruit and chocolate).

Next time, it's chips and salsa from the supermarket for everyone.

I jest. There is this latent Martha Stewart in me that won't allow such shortcuts when I host people.

There was also a lot of alcohol. A lot. Yet somehow, I have more wine now than when I started. And beer. (Thanks Jen! It will be chilling in my fridge for whenever you come over, as I certainly won't touch it.)

Note to self: Over the course of a night, you are allowed only two mint juleps, max. Make that any drink that has a sugary base. You may have all the tonic- or club soda-based drinks you want, but only two that involve simple syrup or juice as a mixer.

You know, I'm not sure who wrote this. It's such a guy thing. However, it's far preferable to someone stealing my doormat, which happened at my last party. Then again, I didn't have a doormat this time 'round to steal.

(I've already returned the library books, no fear. I just never erase my whiteboard.)

Cleanup is always my least-favourite part of the evening, but it was mercifully easy as I went the plastic cup route instead of real glass. I was tempted by the luxury of using real glasses, but pragmaticism took over as that would have been just more crap to clean (although I suppose I could have thrown it all into the dishwasher). Your sink also smells really good anytime you throw citrus fruit into the food disposal.

I love having parties, because then people come to you and you don't have to leave, and I can walk around barefoot and just crawl into bed after everyone leaves. I'm already planning my next one. Really, not so sure why I'm in school. If I could make a living out of being a perpetual hostess, I would. Then again, I only enjoy entertaining people I like. So I'd have to be a selective hostess. I'm working on it.

But grr. There is still a paper to write. At least I have tons of leftover dip to munch on while I do so.