vendredi 25 novembre 2005

My most favourite dish at Thanksgiving

This year, I volunteered to make the mashed potatoes. In that bowl, you see 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, along with untold amounts of butter and garlic. Well, 10 pounds less approximately two pounds which I consumed while "tasting" to make sure that it was good.

(I also made the stuffing - well, dressing, since I didn't stuff it in any poultry - and this weird caramelised onions and quinoa dish, but nothing says happiness like a big fat bowl of mashed potatoes. Good thing I saved some to eat.. NOW.)

And no, I am not off shopping those post-Thanksgiving sales. As much as I love to help the economy, I hate crowds even more. I become practically a recluse on the weekends, not leaving my apartment (except when someone else offers to drive or we are going drinking) because the weekends are when everyone else runs their errands and yuck, lots of people. So I am instead making cupcakes (pictures to be posted later, they are baking right now) to bring down to my cousin, who just had her baby! More people in my already vast family! (My mother is one of nine, my father one of eight.) We could so totally have a commune, my family, what with all the people in it. Or at least take over a small country.