vendredi 18 novembre 2005

A day of leisure.

Seriously, being in school is great. Being in school and having them cancel class is even greater, because then I feel like they're just telling me to go out and have fun - as opposed to what, I don't know, since wow! The quarter system is all sorts of easy since they tell me I should only take 3 classes at a time, as opposed to the 4 or 5 I used to take on the semester system so life is really a breeze right now. It's also great because I get to bill 20 hours of work a week when I only work 3. If only life could always be like that.

Anyway. What did I do with my "day off"? Let's see..

Wednesday night: Jetted down to the OC to see Raul Malo (lead singer of the now disbanded Mavericks). The biggest fans, the louded applauders? My friend's father and all his friends. I was slightly scared that one of them was actually going to rush the stage, he was having THAT much fun.My friends and I sat further back from the stage (as opposed to rightatthefootofit, as all the adults were) so we could drink instead. I would like to point out that when we saw the Mavericks last, on New Year's Eve, all the people my age went home early (due to being really really drunk, mostly) while all the adults managed to get backstage and party with the band until the wee hours of the morning. (I have had it pointed out to me that I'm technically an adult now. But I don't think so).

Like New Year's Eve, me and my two friends went to bed just as the adults were opening another couple bottles of wine. We're weak. Just so weak.

Thursday morning: Coffee and sitting around on the beach (clad, sadly, as it was a touch chilly in the morning). I'm sorry that I don't have pics, but I have profiled this place extensively in the past. So you can see more pictures there. The picture above is from September, but it pretty much looked like that yesterday. Pretty and sunny.

Thursday late morning: Window-shopping in Laguna Beach with a friend who unfortunately has to start working again the week after Thanksgiving. Now who am I going to kill time with? I don't know anyone else who has random days midweek off. Poop.

Thursday lunch: No visit to the OC is now complete without a trip to Shibucho. Sushi was as great as ever, especially the sardine and the Spanish mackerel. I could eat sushi every night for dinner and be happy. Mm. I want more now just thinking about it. Note to self: either learn basic Japanese or go back with a friend who speaks Japanese. I always feel like they're talking about me (or I'm just paranoid), and I wanna know what they're saying.

Thursday afternoon: Window-shopping in South Coast Plaza, primarily trying out perfume at Saks. Found out that the people at Bond No. 9 (which appealingly - or perhaps not-so-appealingly, depending - has perfumes named after different places in NYC) will custom-blend several of their scents together to create you a new fragrance that is UNIQUELY yours. Too much fun! Unfortunately, the lady in charge of this special task was away, and apparently has irregular hours. "She breezes in for a couple of hours every week, when she feels like it", we were told. So helpful. In other notes, South Coast is way smaller than I thought it remember it being. We were in and out of there like that.

Thursday afternoon, cont'd: We were on a roll. We wanted more perfume. You know, every day needs a purpose, and Thursday's was finding perfume. So back to Beverly Hills it was, hitting first Barneys then the Saks there. After smelling practically all the perfumes at both stores, we were perfume-d out. So I got dropped off at home, where I took a nap. Mm. I love me my naps. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. It is fantastic. I remember how freshman year in college, I used to visit the boys upstairs while they were busy playing Grand Theft Auto on the school network against other guys in the dorm, and I used to fall asleep every afternoon without fail while watching them. Then I'd usually follow that up with another nap in my own room. And believe me, I sleep plenty at night. This ability to fall asleep is especially good when travelling.

Thursday evening: Hey, I had to do my alum interview! On the way there, I "had" to walk through Nordstrom, and have finally narrowed down my fragrance choices to this and this. Or both. I just might buy both. After all, they serve different purposes, n'est-ce pas? And I have been looking for a new fragrance for almost a year now. Not that I don't already have enough perfume, but still. I swear, I haven't bought new perfume in like a year and a half! That is practically an eternity for me!

Anyway, where were we. Right. Alum interview. It was amusing, as earlier in the week I'd left a voicemail for the boy I was to interview, and his mother called me back asking if it was okay if he called me after 9:30pm. Jump through hoops, they will. The interview was fine, the boy was cute in an endearing high school sort of way, and I hope that this one gets in. But then, I generally hope that all the students I interview get in.

So look! I was actually productive yesterday! I did something useful besides shop for perfume.

Then I met up with Jen at Stitch n' Bitch, where I also got to meet Gwen and Laurie, and hopefully they will come over soon for drinks as they are both lovely lovely people and I'm glad I got to meet them. I did not have a project to work on, but rather was that annoying project-less person who just talks and talks while other people are trying to count stitches. Sorry! Next time, I will have another baby blanket to work on, I promise!

Thursday night: Exhausted after a long long day of doing nothing, I went home and lay on the couch with a glass of wine.

Unfortunately, I actually have to go to a seminar today. Work, on a Friday. The indignity of it all! Unless I can figure out how to get out of it.. hm. Perhaps I will go see a movie while pondering how to not attend this seminar. Because Walk the Line? SO excited for it, and Joaquin Phoenix is hot even though he is weird.

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