mercredi 23 novembre 2005

Cookies and champagne.*

I didn't have caviar. I didn't even have cheese. But by golly, I had fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.

Accompany that with some champagne (or sparkling wine, if you're nitpicky with your terms), a good friend (to talk with, not to eat, obviously), and it makes for a perfect Tuesday night dinner.

Take a multi-vitamin if you think you're missing any important nutrients, but I think that this little decadent meal hits all the important food groups (remember: they use grapes to make the bubbly) except for veggies, which I think are overrated anyway.

And hey! Happy Thanksgiving, to those you who celebrate it. And for those of you who don't - erm, just eat yourself into a frenzy. It's the same thing.

*Not as catchy as "Chinese food and porn", which a friend used as a pickup line once, and as horribly cheesy that is, it worked.