mercredi 5 octobre 2005

Wherein I am crankier than hell.

There will be no pictures for you today. There will be no pretty words about the red wine risotto I made the other night when a friend - who's finally back from working on the latest Spielberg movie in Europe - came over for dinner. No. No flowery descriptives, no mouth-watering pictures.

Why, you ask?

Because there is currently NO electricity in my apartment.


No electricity, as a matter of fact, in my entire building.

No elecricity = No breakfast
= No light in the bathroom
= No pilates
= No Regis and Kelly
= No blow-drying my hair
= No checking my email
= No reading the NY Times
= No reading blogs
= No recording of missed TV shows while I'm out tonight
= Walking down nine TEN flights of stairs to get out

I don't know which of these suffered indignities is the worst. But I can tell you this:

No electricity = one very very VERY unhappy camper = massive crankiness

For woe to those when my schedule goes astray.

If I have to walk back up those 10 flights of stairs to get back to my apartment late tonight, I will have someone's head.

(To make it worse, the goddamn Apple computers at school apparently hate gmail. Thankfully, I have a palm pilot and can check email during class. BUT STILL.)