lundi 31 octobre 2005

There are almost 2 full months left until winter officially starts.

When returning to a city I know well, the debate is always whether to check out new places or whether to revisit old haunts. I went for the latter, but to only a very small degree. You see, this was a weekend of extraordinary sloth.

I got in late Thursday night. It was COLD. Actually, not terribly cold, perhaps only in the high 30s-low 40s, but I have become weak since living in LA. Los Angeles, where people walk around with down jackets on and the heat in school buildings gets cranked up when the temperature drops to 60. I called home to complain about the cold, and my mother thought I was sick and dying. Seriously. She was very very worried. I had to explain to her that I was not dying but rather very happy that I no longer have to endure such inhumane temperatures.

If I had to summarise the weekend in ten words, it would be: eat, drink, drink, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep. I suppose that technically that's only three words, but you get the point.

There was hanging out with old friends at favourite drinking holes and dining establishments and getting drunk. A particular highlight was FB's parents stopping by at dinner on Saturday night (after expressly having been told not to by FB, because what is more embarrassing than the combination of an older brother sharing embarrassing childhood stories combined with one's parents just "dropping by for a drink") to see me, because I am apparently one of their favourite people, and FB's father introduced me to a fine Slovakian (or Slovenian, I can't really remember, I was like 4 drinks in) apricot brandy. There were house parties and making fun of short Boston guys and catching up (even though I talk to everyone there multiple times a week, it's just better in person).

Good ol' times. It was like I had never left.

But lest I start to miss Boston too much, the weather gods decided to gift the area with LOTS OF FREAKING SNOW on Saturday. SNOW. It is only the end of October. LARGE HUGE SNOWFLAKES making it very hard for me to drive, not to mention that obviously I didn't bring appropriate snow gear since IT IS STILL FALL. We'll interrupt the story-telling to show you more pictures of SNOW.

Idiots sailing in the SNOW.

Large clumps of SNOW.

The poor geese are probably so confused because if they had known it was going to SNOW,
they'd be in Florida right now.

"You should have brought the fur," everyone told me. GRR. If only I had known.

At least it was nice (that is, in the 60s) on Sunday. Not that we left the apartment for more than 3 hours, as there was massive recuperation happening from the two previous nights of heavy liver-damaging drinking.

It is currently 85 degrees in LA as I write this. Why I was stupid and lived in the Northeast for 7 years is beyond me. I could go tanning, if only I didn't have to go to class in a couple of hours.