mercredi 26 octobre 2005

Stupid rules.

So, the other night I received a parking ticket at my apartment complex, because I'd gotten in late at night, COULDN'T find a parking space (very common, which is why I've now sprung for a reserved spot), and ended up parking in the loading zone overnight because I was tired of circling around in vain. I'd parked overnight in the loading zone before and been okay, as long as I woke up early to move my car.

But of course, not this time. This time, I got a ticket (marked 2:46am. I did not know that those lazy-ass security guards even worked that late. I just thought they rode around on their bikes chatting and otherwise not being useful).

So all my money lately has been going to parking tickets (mainly elsewhere, as damn, I used to complain about Boston parking tickets but I think that LA can rival them when it comes to finding parking in residential zones). Fine. I didn't even think that private properties could give parking tickets, but apparently they can. Dammit. However, this ticket was funnier than most, for on the back they give the rules outlinining appeal procedure. That part's not the funny part; what is are the examples they give that "constitute invalid grounds for appealing a citation".

Amongst my favourites are (all capitalisation is their own):
  • No One Told Me Where Or How to Park
  • Another Supervisor/Employee/Staff Member Advised Me to Park There
  • Drive Occasionally and Should Not Have to Park in Assigned Parking
  • Referring to the Rules as Ridiculous
  • Other Improperly Parked Vehicles Do Not Constitute An Excuse for Improper Parking
In fact, I agree that the rules are ridiculous, and that I need to actually pay for guaranteed parking is just galling. But even I know that nobody would let you get away with such weak playground claims in order to get out of paying a parking ticket. Then again, given that there are some damn crochety people who live here, it doesn't surprise me that such unfounded excuses have been made.

I wish that I could think of a good excuse to send in (along with my check, of course, because if I don't pay they take away my parking, and that would be a fate akin to... well, I'm not sure. Not as bad as death, but something along those lines). But I am spectacularly unimaginative these days, so I'll just have to let it go.