vendredi 21 octobre 2005

Morning sunshine.

I have a very strict morning routine that I try to keep myself on during the week (Saturday and Sunday are exempt, as sometimes I'm hungover and being on any sort of schedule then would be cruel), because otherwise my mornings would devolve into me lying on the couch watching DVDs and not being productive, as except for one day a week, I only have afternoon classes (or even no classes at all).

8:20am: Wake up, brush teeth, change into workout clothes.
8:30am: Do half an hour of pilates.
9:00am: Watch Regis and Kelly. Do not mock me. I love this show. LOVE IT.
10:00am: Shower.
10:20am: Make breakfast. Lately, I've been on a scrambled egg kick - above, my eggs have been scrambled with chopped spinach and goat cheese. Sometimes I add pesto as well. My secret seasoning trick is a touch of soy sauce instead of salt. It adds the salty flavour, but isn't as salty. Normally I have whole wheat English muffins (toasted twice, because I like my toast toasty), but above I have leftover olive bread from a dinner party.
10:25am: Eat breakfast. And then this is where my schedule actually does disintegrate a bit. Since I don't have to leave my apartment for noon for class most days, I have ninety whopping minutes with bad television, so one would assume that I'd work. Sometimes I prep for class, but generally I've done that the night before. Generally I read online newspapers and websites; sometimes I just stare at the ceiling.
11:30am: Realise that I have only HALF AN HOUR to get ready for class, and I have NO idea what to wear, and really, what did I do for the past hour?

I have the ambition of someday joining the gym in my apartment complex, for then that hour watching Regis and Kelly can be spent on the elliptical and lifting weights, but I am THAT lazy that I haven't walked the five minutes over to the gym to sign up. Plus, I need new workout clothes and need to get off my lazy ass to get those too. Sometimes, when I don't have class until 3 or no class, I then go window shopping or run errands.

Because it's really nice being a student. I can only hope that I'll have such a nice schedule throughout my 2 years of pre-dissertation work, as I rather enjoy these lazy mornings.