lundi 10 octobre 2005

Five weird things ways in which I am special and unique.

I've a plethora of limes from my mother's lime trees,
but there is only so much limeade one can drink.
So I made these
pistachio lime squares, which are just like lemon bars.
But with limes. And pistachios.

And here, I thought that this entire site was about my idiosyncrasies. But fine, since La Dauphine tagged me, apparently wanting to know more, and I only had a half-assed post about manners and the ballet that still needed work, well, here goes:

  1. I hate condiments. Really. Yuck. All condiments, with the one exception of freshly-made aioli, which is the only thing I will tolerate in all its gloopy glory. (And I think that aioli gets the exception because it's French and garlicky. And it has to be freshly made.) Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish... they make me wrinkle my nose in distaste. Yes, I eat my hot dogs and hamburgers plain, and will only dip my french fries in a balsamic vinaigrette (don't knock it until you try it) or - yes - aioli. I don't know where this dislike of condiments come from. I can't remember ever eating them, even though the rest of my family enjoys them. I suppose if they're incorporated into a dish, it's not so bad, because then I'm generally unaware of their existence. But if they are spread on sandwiches or in some other form where I can smell/see/taste them - yuck. Just yuck.

  2. When I can't sleep at night, I turn so my head is at the foot of my bed and my feet at the head. I don't know why this works, but it does every single time. But it's always hard explaining what I've done when I'm sharing my bed, and the other person wakes up to see my feet in their face. Other people just don't get it.

  3. I cannot just sit and watch TV, I need to multitask whilst doing so. This actually applies to most areas of my life. I can't just focus on one thing at a time, but vastly prefer it when I'm doing three or four things at a time. For instance, while watching TV, it's very likely that I'm also playing online and talking on the phone and crocheting this baby blanket I'm making for my cousin's new baby.

  4. I use British spelling anytime I'm not writing academic papers. I'm not quite sure why I do this. It's not like there's a drop of English blood anywhere in me, and the last time I was in Great Britian was something like 10 years ago. There is no explaining this (as there is no explaining a lot of things). I suppose that when I was little, I thought it was so cool that in England, color was colour. And I thought that z was an unattractive letter. I don't really know. It's more or less automatic now.

  5. Going back to food, and thereby rounding out five (of my many) idiosyncrasies, I don't order entrées unless I have to. Attribute it to my (self-diagnosed) ADD, but the small plate trend? Totally works for me. There is something boring about having to eat an entire big dish, and I don't think that I've voluntarily ordered one in a year or so. I am that person who will order an entire meal of appetizers and have like three plates in front her compared to most people's one. Appetizers are generally more inventive and interesting, and then you can get lots of different kinds of food. More is better!
Who's next? I suppose I'm going to choose those people who I know read this site on a (semi-)regular basis. That makes it Dagny, Jen, Lux, and Sammy. Have fun!