lundi 17 octobre 2005

Civilised dining at last.

The last piece of furniture I had to get was a dining table. I suppose it's not really a necessity, not technically, not like a bed or something, but it is rather annoying always eating at the coffee table. It also makes having people over for dinner rather difficult.

So I decided to peruse Craigslist for a table. I wasn't in any real rush, per se, so I could take my time and be picky. At least, not until I have the party I'm planning on throwing in a couple of weeks. Then I really do need a table.

I've read several articles now about how people furnish their apartment from top to bottom with finds from Craigslist and everything looks great! and wonderful! and magnificent! It couldn't be that hard for me, right? Because all I wanted was a dining table that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg. A very simple request.

Hah. Not that easy. People wanted outrageous amounts of money for ugly dining room sets, not to mention I had to sort through ads like the following:

Bathtub Love Seat Shabby Chic Ultimate!

This is the beginning of the ultimate shabby chic love seat! A vintage (real) clawfoot bathtub in good condition, that someone cut out on one side to make a love seat. Just needs to be painted/rustoleum-ed and have cushions made for it, and voila! The talk of your next party! Whoever did the cutting did an excellent job, no tacky beads or wobbly edges. You will need to pick this up yourself - and it takes about 4 guys to lift - I don't know how heavy it is, but it is REALLY heavy. I thought I was going to get to this, but it is time for this to become someone else's project!
And this:

Cast Iron "Head of David" museum replica 4 SALE!

Selling this amazing, museum replica of "Head of David" made of " Cast Iron" and propt on a black platform. It is very beautiful and full of details.
I have left the prices out so you can guess what people were asking for such treasures. Yes, yes, one person's trash is another's treasure - but HALF A BATHTUB? To make into a SOFA?

And thusly I despaired. How was I going to find the right table? Just one that could seat four. That's all I wanted. Nothing ornate or complicated. Just A Simple Table in a darker stained wood, so that it would match my apartment. That's all. No half-bathubs or ugly cast-iron heads or heavy marble balls or bunches of twigs. Just a table.

Apparently, patience (something I'm not terribly good at) does pay off. Who would've thunk?

And of course, the only way to properly celebrate a new table was to have people over for dinner. Okay, that wasn't the reason I had people over, but look at the new table! Yes, I realise that it's not a dark wood, but it's a Wedgewood blue that surprisingly goes well with my decor. That it is solid wood and only set me back $30 was even better.

And friends came over, and wine was drunk, but only after the Fun Fun task of chair assembly. For, you see, I bought the chairs from Ikea, and anyone who knows Ikea knows that nothing, NOTHING, not even lamps or picture frames, comes fully assembled. Normally, I promise, I don't make my friends put together furniture, but you see, I got distracted with various other tasks during the day, and before you knew it, it was dinner time and people were over and I had no assembled chairs. Thanks, Jen! And I also promise that normally I don't serve leftover soup, but I was in dire straits given the fact that I had so much soup I didn't know what to do with it. I did make a fresh pasta dish (unphotographed, because I've made it before). The next time you come over, you will get a special never-been-prepared-before-by-yours-truly dinner. I swear. And there will be no make-your-own-chair-or-you-sit-on-the-floor projects.

Because hey! Now I have chairs! And a table!

Thankfully, no longer do I have a hangover from the massive amounts of alcohol that was had. Watermelon vodka & tonic + red wine + more red wine + chocolate martini + more red wine + rum and bright blue Gatorade (obviously, at this point we were no longer at my apartment but elsewhere drinking our pretty little hearts out) + orange vodka & tonic = the hangover of DEATH, especially since I only got somewhere in the vicinity of 6 hours of sleep as I had things to do the next day.

Here's a photo of the table all clean and neat the next morning. Which is, of course, not how it looks currently, as now I have a new surface to scatter my reading all over. But it's better than the floor, where everything previously resided. At least this way I can pretend I'm an adult.