vendredi 16 septembre 2005

Is it really going AWOL if you have no current responsibilities?

Yes, if you have read this site with any frequency,
I've already used this picture. But whatever. *I* like it.

Nothing new to report. In what could be termed a fit of extreme procrastination, or perhaps extended birthday festivities, I'm at the beach. Sure, there's wireless down here, but why bother when I can lie on the sand - okay, on one of the wooden chaises longues (unpictured) - or is it chaises longue or chaise longues? I'm not quite sure. Regardless, in the sun, drink (soon to be had) in hand, with a plethora of fashion mags and Scrabble. This is the life, darlings. Makes a girl not want to go back to school and find herself a nice sugar daddy to continue this indolent lifestyle.