vendredi 23 septembre 2005

Friday randomness.

Even though I had made enough risotto to feed a small army, I was stupid and brought it all home, forgetting to leave any in my apartment. Dammit. Feeling rather uninspired, I instead whipped up one of my favourite comfort food dishes - pasta with a tomato and tuna sauce. It sounds icky, but really, it isn't. It's nice because there's a little more substance than your basic marinara, but doesn't use meat (in case I'm in a rare no-meat moods) - or, when you're too lazy to go buy fresh food, but hey! That's what canned goods are for!

It's a very simple recipe. I think that I initally based it off of this recipe, but I have long since stopped referring to it and have made my own amendments.

While boiling water for your pasta, heat up some olive oil in a pan. Throw in some garlic, and sauté until you can smell the garlic (don't let it burn!). Throw in a can of tomatoes (do not drain) - whether you use diced ones or whole ones is up to you. I use whatever I have in my cupboards. Let the tomatoes heat through, and about when you throw the dried pasta in the boiling water, add a can of tuna (I prefer tuna packed in olive oil, which I generally drain about halfway, but if you use tuna packed in water, do drain the liquid out). With this particular rendition, I added some chopped frozen spinach. About halfway through the pasta cooking, add some red pepper flakes. You might need to throw in some sugar also, to balance the acidity, and probably a touch of salt to make the flavours pop. Let everything simmer together until the pasta is done, at which point drain it and without rinsing, add it to your pan.

It is ridiculously easy, but always so good every time I make it. Of course, again, I am bad with estimating portions and daresay I have enough to feed another army. Again.

Incidentally, I caught "Dancing with the Stars" for the first time last night, and since when do competitive dancers wear such skimpy outfits? I know there's sticky tape to keep clothing in place, but aren't they still scared that with all the twirling and tossing and such, that things will slip? I would be.