mercredi 14 septembre 2005

Fall's a-coming, time for a wardrobe change.

It is interesting, my procrastinating tactics. Instead of unpacking (where did all the boxes of books come from? Not to mention the suitcases of clothes - clothes that I don't even remember owning), I decided to redesign this site because I got bored of it all. I swear, it took me an entire hour to decide whether I wanted a pink background or black (settled on the latter, obviously, although I might switch back, I'm still not certain). I spent an untold amount of time trying to find a useable script so that I could make that image on the sidebar rotate, but unfortunately to no avail. If someone can come up with a random image generating script that does NOT require me loading all my pictures into a different directory, which is not possible with Blogger, that would be very helpful. I know I accomplished it on the previous incarnation of this page, but that's because those were free-standing images and not the sidebar background; the latter of the two scenarios is how it's coded in this design. If it would be easier for someone to figure out how to redo the source code because I am too lazy (obviously, I just take templates and play with them until I like them, I can't actually design from scratch) so that I can use my old script, that would be, like, totally cool.

Unfortunately past photo layouts are messed up a little, as the body text part of this page is narrower than it was previously. Oh well.

I'm also not certain if the overall category "Deadly Sins and Vices" is too macabre. I thought it was amusing, and actually wanted each different subcategory to be a different deadly sin, but then couldn't figure out which would be appropriate for all the gossip sites I read. "Envy" isn't quite appropriate, although with a question mark, à la "Envy (?)", might work, but then I just seem confused. I do like the dropdown menus, as they make all my links that much neater, although annoying, perhaps, if you generally like to right-click on links and open them in different tabs, as I do. But it's too bad for all of you, because I like the way it looks. Form over function. Maybe I'll figure out how to make them open in a different window!

Yeah, that would require more time than I'm willing to spend on this. After all, there are other forms of procrastination which don't require me to be all geeked out.

Such as trying to figure out how to sign up for classes online. Being a product of 22 years of private schooling, I am used to a system where you can get whatever you want with a little cajoling and everything is pretty and sparkly because goshdarnit, you're paying them enough money to make things pleasant. From fourth grade on, my school made special allowances for me (and not because I am special in that way, but because I used to be smart. Emphasis on the used part). For my sophomore and junior years of high school, they worked the school schedule around mine, because I was a pain in the ass still special like that. (Senior year, they got tired of it, finally. It took them long enough.) In college, there was only one course I wasn't able to manage to talk my way into because it was limited to 20 people, chosen by the evil random lottery system. I took senior seminars as a sophomore in subjects I wasn't concentrating in (because once upon a time, I was an over-achiever like that), and graduate-level courses from the time I was a freshman (and was over halfway to a master's in French by graduation, which would have been useful for who-knows-what). Not to mention, signing up for classes involved a neatly-laid-out course bulletin and a small sheet of paper upon which you wrote your classes and submitted to the registrar's office. So very easy and civilized.

NOT SO WITH THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM! OH NO! There is no pretty course bulletin which you can flip through leisurely and cross-reference with a very clearly laid out website. NO. It is all online, and organised in such a fashion where I can only seem to pull up ALL the classes in the education department. ALL GAZILLION OF THEM (including the undergrad classes), in MINISCULE type. And then they are listed by course number, not by title or professor, and you can't do any right-clicking to open in different tabs. OH NO. THAT WOULD MAKE LIFE EASY. You have to click on the link, let the new page load, sigh when you realise that once again, that's not the class you wanted, and hit the "return" key to let the department course page load yet again. And repeat, because there are so many numbers that there is no way you can remember which courses you have looked at and which you haven't. And SOMEHOW, ALL the classes that I want to take are ALREADY FULL. We were told that we don't have to sign up for classes until school starts in two weeks, but HOW CAN I WHEN THEY ARE ALL CLOSED ALREADY? Some of the winter quarter classes are close-to-full too. WHAT THE HELL. The only class that is still open for fall quarter is one I have already placed out of. (My advisor tells me she "believes" that they block out some of the classes for incoming doctoral students. "BELIEVES" is not good enough for me.) Do you feel the stress and wrath just RADIATING from this post? I haven't even started school yet. This does not bode well.

As for the unpacking. I'm sure I'll get around to it when I start classes and have homework again. That is, if I end up taking any classes to begin with.