mercredi 10 août 2005

Packing by numbers.

Number of days left on the wrong coast: 12
Number of days ago I started packing: 4
Number of days I have had boxes cluttering the living room, just sitting there mocking me (it is called installation art): since graduation, which was June 9th, you can do the math
Number of boxes shipped home so far: 4 7
Number of boxes shipped home containing purses: 2
Weight of purses shipped home: 58.50 lbs
Approximate number of purses left to pack: 10
Number of new purses bought in the last month: 2
Number of boxes shipped home containing books: 1 4
Weight of books shipped home: 58.9 lbs 165.5 lbs (thereby nullifying the claim that my biochem textbook weighs 300 gazillion pounds)
Number of packed boxes of books left to be shipped: 4 1
Number of times I skipped going to the gym since starting to pack because hello, heavy boxes of books: 2
Number of boxes yet to pack: see above picture, and more
Number of things on the above bookshelf that do NOT belong to me: 1 (guess which item)
Number of bottles of alcohol to be finished/given away: 18 (not all full, don't worry; this includes the 5 bottles in the freezer, which nobody even attempted to guess, poopyheads)
Number of bottles of wine to be finished/given away: Isn't wine water? (Sometimes it is, those scoundrels!)
Number of times packing has been put aside for more important matters, such as napping, reading websites, napping some more, and watching SVU: too many to count
Approximate percentage of bedroom yet to pack up: Who let me have two closets in my bedroom to fill up?
Pairs of shoes I did not bring home with me in July because I deemed I HAD to have them this summer: 10 (not including 5 pairs of flipflops)
Number of times I have worn said shoes: 0 (I have a quite nice flipflop tan now)
Pairs of shoes I have currently at home just sitting there, unworn: er, like 5 boxes worth
Pairs of shoes I have bought in the last month: 3
Number of times I wished I had movers, because I hate packing: umpteen times