mercredi 17 août 2005

On Walden Pond.

Since I've been doing so well on packing, even though my attention span only allows me to pack three boxes, max, a day, I decided to take a small break from that (and work) and we went to Walden for the afternoon. Yes, that Walden, that inspir... oh, I don't know, I never read the book. I tried, but got bored after the first few pages.

It was a lovely afternoon, with our picnic lunches and yes! A swim across the pond - the short way across, obviously, not the long way. For all my going to the gym and lifting weights, I am so not in shape, at least not in shape enough for anything remotely resembling swimming for the purpose of getting places - a little more than an eighth of a mile each way, and add in the fact that we weren't swimming in a straight line, we probably added an extra eighth overall. (Note: the new eyeliner pencil I bought is indeed waterproof.) Squabbling children could hardly break our reverie, not even the one who decided to aim the rocks he was tossing in the pond in the general direction of his brother, nor the one who was caterwauling for a good hour because noshedidnotwanttogointothewater.

I wish I could say that it inspired me to live a simpler life overall, or at least a dinner along the lines of clean simplicity (such as the salad from Sunday night pictured above, a gratuitous inclusion because look! The colours are so pretty!) but um no, for after that was a decadent dinner out - but who could resist? 4 courses, with sparkling wine pairs, for a total steal.

I was going to include a picture of my feet in the clear sparkling water, because I will NOT get into bodies of water unless I can see my feet when I'm waist-deep (and yes, I make people go out in the water to check for me), but my toes hadn't seen a pedicure in forever (and I was too lazy to get the camera). But just look at how pretty it is!

Positively idyllic, and a great respite from being in the city, even if I am now sporting a brand new ginormous mosquito bite. Awesome. I try to love nature, and it literally bites me back.