lundi 29 août 2005

Monday miscellany.

Mmm. BBQ.

I'm sorry people, I have nothing to write about. Really. This moving bit has quite sapped my energy, and I haven't done anything new or exciting.I mean, do you really want to hear about how it took my father two hours to put together my desk for me, muttering all the while, "Sure, this desk cost only $60, but it has taken two hours of my time so that makes it worth $560"? I mean, if we really want to get all nitty gritty about it, my mother was there too helping, so that stupid desk is worth now at least over $1000. Me, I got bored and started reading my cookbooks instead, so I contribute no monetary value to said desk. Oh, I guess there were drinks - that was fun! - but I've already written about it. So I leave you, as I know it's Monday and other people apparently have jobs and like to procrastinate, with a few things that I've rather enjoyed recently.

*Cyber Mice Party
Beware - this game, where you try to force the mice to go to the cheese - is highly addicting. It is really too bad there are only 8 levels free online, because I could play this game FOREVER. One of my friends made the mistake of calling me while I was playing this, and all she got out of me was, "THERE ARE KILLER MICE!!", "DAMMIT WHY DO THE MICE KEEP JUMPING INTO THE WATER?", and "WHY WON'T THE STUPID MICE GO TO THE CHEESE?" Lesson: do not try to have a conversation with me when I am playing stupid games.

*Google desktop
Even though I am convinced that Google is trying to take over the world in a subversive manner by offering lots of free procrastinatory devices, I find myself loving this new updated online gadget they have. My favourite part is that it'll scan through all the pictures on your computer (or whatever pictures/folders you've selected) and show each as a thumbnail on your sidebar. Hello, more distraction. The scratch pad is great also, as I can't find any of my post-its to make important notes to myself, such as funny quotes from Will & Grace (my latest favourite: "Public transportation is for morons and lesbians.")

*Men, women, and Darwin
This interesting article from the LA Times (I'm not sure if registration is required, but you can always go here to avoid it) talks about evolutionary psychology and human mating. I love it when people try to analyse everything and boil it down to cold hard facts.

*Salted water for boiling
If you're at all familiar with Epicurious, you'll know that in the comments section, people sometimes write the most ridiculous notes. I don't know how this got started, but this parody of those stupid comments is quite hysterically funny.

*How to find a man in Europe and leave him there
Every time I read this I laugh my ass off. I could read it every day and think it was funny and brilliant each time. I can't even say what my favourite part is because I love it all.

Okay, that is it for now. After all, I have to leave myself with some more links to give y'all in case I have nothing new to write in a couple of days.