lundi 15 août 2005

Evening out with the girls.

Setting: Dinner

Troublemaker #1: Oooh, our waiter has a nice accent.

T#2: Where's it from?

T#1: Bristol, England.

T#3: How in the hell did you know that?

T#1: I asked when you were in the bathroom.

T#2: Wow, I was going to be really impressed with your accent knowledge.

T#1: I know, I should be on Jeopardy. Do you think we can order the waiter with our meal? What number do you think he is?


T#1: The guy in the kitchen keeps winking at me, what do I do?

T#4: I saw you winking at him back, I don't know.

T#1: Well, what else am I supposed to do? Go into the kitchen to chat him up? Do you think he's cuter than our waiter?

T#5: You're the only person with a view of the kitchen.

T#1: Rroowr. Look how hot our waiter is. He'd make me scream in bed.

T#2: I think the other waiter is cuter.

T#3: Ooh, which one?

T#2: The one with the curly hair.

T#3: He looks a little like Seth from the OC.

T#5: Oooh, what's that sizzling dish? It smells so good.

T#2: I don't know, but if that hot oil spills on me, it's worse than third degree burns.

T#1: Our waiter has a cute ass.

T#2: No, I'll take the other one.

T#4: I don't think either of them are cute.

T#5: I don't think I can eat anymore.

T#3: I don't understand the concept of full.

T#4: Who decided that ordering three dishes apiece was a good idea?

T#2: You wanted to order the entire menu!


T#1: Ooooh! I love filling out these little restaurant info thingies!

T#3: Who wants the last bite of jamon serrano?

Yes, the other waiter is definitely cuter.

T#1: This is like the 7th time the guy in the kitchen has winked. I bet he has a girlfriend, and does this with all the girls.

T#4: So what are you going to do about it?

T#1: I don't know! I'm all bark, no bite.

T#5: Write him a note and fold it up like a paper airplane and sail it into the kitchen!

T#1: And poke out someone's eye? Okay, help me think of something fun to write. But someone else has to give it to him.

T#2: How about complimenting him on the food?

T#1: Nah, I bet all the girls do it. Ooh, I know, "Say hi in person sometime," and then my phone number.

T#3: Sounds good to me.

T#1: But one of you have to give it to him, and I'm booking it out of here. Give me the car keys.


T#3: Hey, where did she go?

T#4: Oh, there she is, all the way down the street.

T#5: Wow, she can run in those heels.

T#1: So, did you do it?

T#2: Yep, I handed him the note.

T#3: I can't believe the waiter actually stood behind you to see what you were writing.

T#1: I know! Maybe he thought it was for him. Maybe I should have given the note to him instead.

T#5: You should have written each of them a note.

T#1: And then I'd have been the whore who hit on the entire waitstaff!

T#4: I wonder when he'll call.


T#4: Hey, there's the guy from the kitchen on the corner on his phone.

T#5: Maybe he's calling you already!

T#1: No, I bet he's calling his girlfriend. I knew I should have given the note to the waiter. That accent! I always choose the wrong ones. I'm breaking up with the kitchen guy.

T#3: Hey, the kitchen guy is waving to us. Everyone wave!

T#1: Can I check my landline messages?

T#5: Sure, here you go.

T#1: AAHHH! He left me a text message on my voicemail.

T#4: How did he leave a text message on your landline?

T#5: I want to hear his voice!

T#2: What did he say?

T#1: What is this text-to-landline service? All you hear is his voice saying hello, and then the rest is an automated voice saying, "I hope you liked the food."

T#3: That's all?

T#5: Maybe the rest of it got cut off.

T#1: It's not like I can read the rest of the text message off my landline.

T#2: So when are you going to call him back?

T#3: You should leave him a text message.

T#1: I'll call him on Monday.

T#5: I think you should text him tonight.

T#1: It's too soon!

T#4: He waited approximately 20 seconds before calling you. You can wait an hour, and it'd already be like you waited an eternity.

T#1: Who let me do this?

T#2: Honey, you did it all by yourself.