vendredi 8 juillet 2005

It just takes persistence.

You probably saw her link in my sidebar and clicked on it to find out that she hadn't updated in months and months, and wondered, why in the hell is that link still there?

Faithfulness, perhaps. You see, she's one of my oldest friends. I've known her since the 7th grade, when she started attending our ever-so-lovely all-girl's school of the pastel pinfeather uniforms. Through wretched class trips and other junior high and high school tortures, we managed to survive and become friends. We sat together in Physics in high school with Jacques, the Vittel water bottle, and Mr. Pencilcase (er, the pencil case, obviously), and generally ignored our physics teacher aside from writing down the weird gross things he said. We took Bible as Literature as an English elective because we wanted to be able to answer those darned Bible questions on Jeopardy, only to have our English teacher tell us to stop making satellite comments in class (not our fault the rest of the class was so darned weird). Then we both went off to college - luckily, she was up in Boston, so it wasn't that hard to see her. She even visited me in Paris when she studied abroad in Japan and that was the best treat ever.

Then goshdarnit, she returned to LA while I stayed out here. Thankfully, there is IM (which she is rarely on anymore, hint hint) and email, and I suppose the phone, although she is wretched at answering phone calls. But she's the very best kind of friend once you've got ahold of her, who listens to guy problems galore and understands that, sometimes, even though you're both a couple of drinks in, sometimes you are just done with drinking and just have to have pizza, as she understands those cravings, and you practically run to the pizza parlour down the street (which you both had spied on the way into the bar, perhaps spurring such cravings in the first place) in order to have your pizza fix (like you're pizza junkies, steaming up the car with your addiction) even though it's after midnight.

We started doing this whole posting website thingy together way back when I was still in med school, and boy, I'm glad she's back.

Because I had hope, you see. Great hope that she would come back to her senses and start writing again.

And look, my wishes panned out.

(With just a little bit of coercion, and promises that I'd use my limited skills to create a new template for her. So praise the template.)

Scarlett Ace is back up and running.

Go visit her and plague her with comments so that she keeps on writing.

In other news... Out drinking (what, me, drink?) last night, I ran into an acquaintance who was at the bar with her friends. I got to talking to one, who was cute enough, and everything was going well until we discussed what we did. And guess what his job is? He is a lawyer! That's right, a lawyer. With his own practice and everything! Maybe I have a big ass brand on my forehead, only visible to lawyers, that says, "Hey! this girl secretly loves your sort even though she's not aware of it!" I swear, I am just going to accept my fate because hello, it apparently is inevitable at this point.

To top it off, I am going apartment hunting with Fake Boyfriend this weekend! You read that right. Because he wants advice - my advice - on his new future apartment! Why, I'm not really sure. Does he think I'm going to fake live there with him? At the rate we're going, we'll get a fake dog, he'll fake propose in a year (claiming that we've fake dated this entire time), and we'll get fake married (dammit, but I want real presents, not fake presents, and we'll have fake honeymoon with fake sex and what fun is that?) and I'll fake come back to Boston to do my dissertation research (which is all too real, unfortunately) here. Yippee! Are you as excited as I am? After all, who needs a real relationship when you have a fake one? Because this is not weird at all. No siree.