lundi 11 juillet 2005

I know, it's like a bad soap opera.

No, I normally don't post pictures of cats because I am a dog person, if you haven't figured that out already. But there are an awful large amount of you cat lovers out there, so here I present my friend's cat Buddy, who is the fattest cat I have ever seen. He is delightfully fuzzy - but do not try telling me that all his fat is actually fur. It is not. He is fat.

You'd think that a cat that fat would be pleasant and nice. No. Buddy is not only fat, but he is also freaking mean and grumpy. Every time I try to pet him, he either tries to bite me or scratch me. Ungrateful mean bastard.

Apartment hunting was great! (NB: I actually don't mind apartment hunting when it's not me who's doing the hunting, and when I get driven around. It was a gorgeous day in Boston on Saturday, actually temperate, so I was glad to be forced to be out and about.) Not only was it me and Fake Boyfriend, his parents came along too! It was a regular family outing! And then FB and I went to one of our friend's house for a BBQ, and sigh, it's always so disenheartening when one's FB and one's current half-assed crush du jour (I say half-assed crush because it is not a lovely obsessive crush, but a rather tepid one which is borne out of boredom and the very limited numbers of guys on which to have a crush) start talking about freaking soccer for hours with each other, making it impossible to hit on crush du jour. Bah.

BUT THEN WAIT. I did not find out until Sunday night (after waking up at noon and languishing in bed all day due to a peculiar throbbing in the temples not alleviated by either sleep nor drugs - and no, it wasn't a hangover because those are different sorts of headaches alleviated by both sleep and drugs), when my meddling friend deigned to tell me that she had had a conversation with Fake Boyfriend before he left the BBQ, wherein she asked what was the deal between the two of us, to which he responded that he had hooked up with me (why was that his first response? I would have just responded that we were friends), and when she asked if it was recently (NO, THREE YEARS), and if he had tried again, to which he responded no.. she then told him HE SHOULD MAKE A MOVE and he said, wait.. oh wow, I feel the headache coming back.. he said that he would, and he was apparently all psyched.

I love my friends, and I love how they look out for me, and I love how this potentially might be a positive catalyst that could add a lot of entertainment to my summer. That, however, does NOT prevent me from still wanting to kill them sometimes.

It's like we're in junior high, except I WENT TO AN ALL-GIRL'S SCHOOL which was perhaps the BEST decision my parents ever made for me when I was nine because I did NOT have to deal with any of this.

As for me? Quite honestly, I don't care whether we end up sleeping together or not - while certainly, it would be fun, I could go either way, which is why I haven't made any real moves and would prefer to see what unfolds. In a rather perverse manner, I enjoy the entire situation because it amuses me. It borders on train wreck, but isn't that drastic.. perhaps it's more along the lines of, I don't know, looking at a chicken on a farm and knowing that inevitably, it will be your dinner. Okay, that's not quite right. Watching a really really bad cheesy movie that you just can't turn off because even though it's so bad, you're unfortunately hooked? Like The Sweetest Thing, which was a truly wretched movie? I am lacking in imagination right now. Anyway, keeping me entertained is of paramount importance, of course, which is why this has gone on for so long now. Whatever happens happens, I'm leaving in 6 weeks anyways, so right now I'm just along for the ride.

Anyway, my strategy for dealing with this new twist: Complete and utter ignorance aided by large quantities of alcohol, until he (if he ever) does anything. Because he might just have been scared into hiding now, which would be even funnier.

But hey! I had a lot of hot dogs this weekend, and that always makes me happy!