lundi 20 juin 2005

A night in numbers (okay, and words).

Because I know that y'all like to see outfits, on the left is the dress I wore to the wedding. I bought it about 3 years ago at Barneys, and it's been one of the best purchases ever made. Amazingly versatile due to its conservative cut combined with the fun wedges of sheer panelling in the skirt portion, it's been worn to tons of weddings and nights out on the town since. And on the right are the gold shoes - again! can you ever get enough of gold shoes? I can't! - largely in the same place where I took them off when I got home.

And for some stats:

Number of times FB's father asked me if I was wearing my Kentucky Derby dress: 1
Number of times FB responded for me to the above question: 1
Number of times I was asked if I was FB's parents' daughter-in-law: 3
Number of times someone told me they liked my dress: 5 (including FB, good FB!)
Number of times someone told me they liked my shoes: 8
Number of times I told someone I liked her shoes: 8
Number of people who asked where FB and I met: tons
Number of people who cooed when either one of us responded "in Paris": the female half of the aforementioned "tons"
Number of people who probably think that FB and I are truly dating: everyone at the wedding
Number of people seated at our table (including me and FB): 10
Number of freaking i-bankers at our table: 7
Number of drinks I had: approximately 8 (or maybe 10, but who's keeping track? I certainly wasn't!)

If it hadn't been for FB's friends who blabbed to my friend, I would never have thought that Saturday night was a date at all (although he did call me like five gazillion times about the wedding). FB acted as he does every single time I see him. Hm, maybe does that mean that every time we hang out it's a date? That is certainly something to ponder.

On that note, should I refer to Nicky as FB, or FRB, which would stand for Fake Real Boyfriend?

The wedding itself was lovely - the ceremony was held in the bride's childhood church in Porter Square, and the reception/dinner was the lovely Hahvard Club in the financial district. Given that it's on the 38th floor, we had AMAZING views of Boston, further accentuated by the setting sun. I really am going to miss this city, it's so pretty (I've always said that I could live here, given the right home, husband, and job).

I have to say, I suppose that everyone did assume we were dating because really, you only bring people you're dating - and dating seriously, most of the time - with you to weddings. And it's not like when people ask you where you met, you can respond, "In Paris - oh, but we're only friends," especially when you know each other so well you can finish each other's sentences. "But we're only friends". It just sounds.. I don't know, mean. (Yes, we did meet when we were both studying abroad in Paris. Yes, it makes a quite lovely story. Yes, we went shopping all the time and hung out a lot with each other, and everyone thought we were dating then too. I really don't know what it is about our dyad that just screams relationship, because WE ARE ONLY FRIENDS DAMMIT.) It would have sounded mean and cruel and it really would have been too much of an explanation to straighten everyone out. (Although, we did straighten out the daughter-in-law comments because hi, let's not go too crazy here.)

Because of that, because everyone and his/her mother thought that FB and I really were a couple, it wasn't like I could hit on any groomsmen, because I didn't want to be that skanky ho at the wedding.

And really, the whole event was fine. I let the dating comments amuse (bemuse?) me, and the night wasn't uncomfortable nor awkward, but the very opposite. It was actually very enjoyable, and FB and I are very comfortable together, borne out of the fact that we're probably each other's closest friend of the opposite sex. Hey! It is like we're an old dating couple! Haha!

Oh yes. In profile, and actually in most lights, he looks like a young non-sullen Sean Penn with a slightly squarer jaw. Being an ex-soccer player (played throughout college, and did a couple of pro years in Europe - although, now that I think of it, you know I've never actually watched him play soccer), he's also in wicked good shape.

Additionally, I forgot that there IS one career that I hate more than that of the legal profession, and it would be investment banking. There were two tables of "young people" - one full of med students, and one full of bankers. And which table were we seated at? Of course, we were at the banker table BECAUSE LIFE IS CRUEL THAT WAY (and I guess it makes sense, FB works in venture capital). As I listed in my stats above, I was blessed to have sat with a table with 7 other bankers. And the other two non-bankers? They were the fiancées of two of the bankers, and didn't talk at all, yippee yay! Actually, I don't know what's more boring to talk about - law stuff or finance stuff. At least I can yap on about the finance stuff, as at one point I had considered going into i-banking myself, and thus learnt all the lingo and even read Liar's Poker (you know, the standard MUST READ for all bankers) and can quote from it if necessary. When law stuff gets brought up, my eyes cross with boredom. And in both cases, you can leave it to me to attempt to bring the conversation back to pop culture, because I HATE TALKING ABOUT SUCH BORING MATTERS.

But hey! YAY for open bars!

(Oh, and I sent him a text this morning - because I forgot to ask him on Saturday night as I was, uh, a tad tipsy - why he was scared I was going to back out, and he said it was because he thought I was still mad at him for not going to the BBQ. That's not what his coworkers said, but I am beyond done trying to puzzle out the differences between what he tells me and what he tells others. Anyway, he's off to Europe for a couple of weeks, lucky bastard, so I won't have to deal with this for awhile.)