jeudi 16 juin 2005

And for the food..

What event would not involve eating? And so we pick up our story graduation evening, after everyone had showered and napped. Refreshed, it was time to tackle dinner. Tweedle and I cooked for our families, since going out that night would have been a near disaster. Our requirements were that things were easy to put together and would require a minimum of preparation work, as we were making many dishes, and did I mention how hot it was that day? I'm telling you, we were confit. Anyway. Since we all like appetizers, that's what we focused on. We ended up with ten dishes, only eight of which I'm showing you here because I don't know where the pictures of the remaining two went. And thus, left to right, top-down, we have:

*Roasted asparagus. Well, here it's unroasted because the green against the purple cutting board were just so pretty. And we were frazzled, and some of our asparagus might have burned in the oven.
*Everyone's favourite bacon-wrapped parmesean-stuffed dates. These got a tad burnt also, but there is nothing wrong with extra-crispy bacon. Yummy.
*Roasted baby purple potatoes and red peppers. Another not terribly complicated dish, but again, it was all about the colours of the foods. Purple potatoes are just so pretty.
*My personal favourite, cucumber slices topped with chevre, smoked salmon, and capers. Yes, I lined up the capers down the center of each little bite. Sometimes I'm anal like that. If we had had dill, I probably would have mashed some into the chevre, but we didn't. Again, I like the way the pale pink of the smoked salmon contrasts with the pale green of the cucumbers.
*Salad with avocados and poached figs. I always forget that I like figs, probably because I have them so rarely. These dried figs we poached in a combination of grapefruit and pomegranate juices, and they smelled so good.
*Won ton. These were surprisingly easier to make than we had thought. We had considered deep-frying them, but I hate the residual deep-frying oil smell that lingers in the air for days afterwards. And again, we might have had a little accident where someone wasn't paying attention to the pan and some of the won ton got stuck. Oops.
*Guacamole with blue corn chips. One of my friends from med school came up to Boston for the festivities, and this is what she made. I don't know what she puts in it, but her guacamole is the best.
*Crostini topped with chevre, proscuitto, and cracked pepper. Nothing more really needs to be said about this dish. I would have liked to rub each individual crostini with garlic, but Tweedle can't stomach uncooked garlic, so we had to do without.

Not pictured are the meatballs (fried in bacon fat, yum, with a spicy tomato sauce) and the apple crisp we had as dessert. Also not pictured are the numerous bottles of wine and champagne we went through.

And now my life has returned somewhat to normal. Not having a schedule really messes with me, and I do rather like knowing what day of the week it is.