mardi 31 mai 2005

Tan is happy.

I don't think my liver has had a break since Monday. Last Monday. Ergh.

There is a statistic cited in the latest issue of Allure that states, "Seventy percent of women know that UV exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, and the exact same percentage still think they look better with a tan."

Damn straight.

(We're not going to get into the possible statistical insignificance of that sentence, because we are not in school right now.)

Saturday, seeing that it was like SUMMER WEATHER (and the first time we've seen true sunshine in positively forever), we did what any sane people would do. We woke up at 7:30am (after not having gotten home until 2am that morning) and called around to see who wanted to go to the beach. After a nice greasy diner breakfast, five of us piled into the car and drove approximately an hour south to the South Shore, to the town of Scituate. where one of our friends lives. He's currently living at home with his parents RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BEACH. And they have a balcony that overlooks said beach.

How perfect.

By the way, that is so NOT my bikini. However, that is my toe.

We got there around noon, changed into our bathing suits, poured ourselves a drink (hey, it was after noon by about a minute by that point) and promptly attempted to get tan. Unfortunately, it was really windy on the balcony of the house and the breeze coming off the ocean was cold.

So we moved into the back yard, where it was like 20 degrees warmer.

Yes, that is my drink on the left. One of many. Many.

By the way, the guy just bought an RV and is planning to return to teaching in Oakland, and is going to live in the trailer park. It is really too bad that he can't come to our white trash BBQ and park that sucker right outside the house - it would be awesome. I did not take pictures inside the RV, but holy crap. It is an masterful demonstration of efficiency. Everything you need is inside this sucker, and it's surprisingly really nice and roomy inside.

We also grilled. And by we, I mean not me. As one of my friends said, "It's amazing how you just inspire service. You just lay there, and people do things for you. Next thing you know, there'll be a couple of cabana boys out here to serve you." I consider it a gift, this lazing about whilst others ever-so-kindly heed my beck and call. And I don't even have to whine; I just ask. It's wonderful. And after making that statement, that same friend got me another drink, because it was really too nice for me to move. I was working really hard on my tan, you see.

We had grilled shrimp skewers and grilled fish skewers.

It's like food porn. Mmmm.

Then we all played dice. Without getting into the details of the game, it's like playing asshole, but with dice instead of cards. It also requires bluffing, which is something I'm really good at. I'd be good at poker too, if I could only remember in what order the hands went.

I might be drunk here. I also might be laughing because my friend decided to play dice against herself. Since the game consists of bluffing and not knowing what other people have, it was very funny when she entertained herself for a good ten minutes by shaking two cups full of dice and seeing which of her hands had the better roll. Teehee. My stomach hurt so much from all the laughing.

Then it started raining at around sunset. Of course it started raining. Stupid East coast. So we decided to walk along the beach for a little bit before the downpour started.

After dinner, we left, happier and just a touch pink - at least, Tweedle and I did, since we assiduously worked on our tans, not even covering up when there were clouds covering the sun, unlike some of our friends who were wrapped up in multiple layers. As Tweedle said, "I feel like we accomplished something very important today. We got tan. And the others? They lose."