jeudi 26 mai 2005

Please, let there be sun.

See how pretty Boston can be when it's sunny? Too bad it is NOT sunny, and actually has been raining this entire past week and is threatening to rain for the upcoming one as well. It is royally screwing with my plans to sit out on the balcony or in Tweedle's backyard and get drunk.

I have nothing new to report. Now that I am done writing, and complaining about, my papers, my days have roughly consisted of the following: Wake up. Go to the gym (or watch TV, depending on what day it is). Go to work (I started one of my two jobs for the summer already, or go shopping, also depending on the day). Find out who's around for dinner. Cook dinner and watch TV and drink a lot of wine. Maybe even go out, if so inspired. Go to bed, and then repeat. It's only been two days, and I'm bored. BORED, I tell you (although I do not want to write any papers for a long long time).

I haven't had this much lack of structure since the semester after I dropped out of med school (last spring), where really, I don't know what I did for those five months. I remember having a part-time job, and occassionally going to the gym. I must have sat around and watched TV a lot, which actually can't be the case because then I only got 2.5 stations. Friends also tell me that I was out of town like, hrm, all the time. I guess it was that long-distance boyfriend. I've decided that I need another one, so that I can accrue lots of frequent flier miles again. When I move back to LA, I think that either Seattle or Austin would be good cities. Not too close, but not too far. Where does USAir fly from LA? I need to preserve my silver preferred status.

And that is what I think about when I'm not thinking about issues pertaining to early childhood development.

But anyways, I mean, it's not like you want to see pictures of risotto again, which I made last night for a friend. Even if it is risotto alla Milanese (mais oui, always with real saffron), with seared scallops atop. Mmm. Scallops. I love scallops, especially when they're satiny raw inside.

And since it seems to be so popular in the comments, I'll let y'all know that we sent out the evite for the redneck BBQ a couple of days ago, and boy, have we got some good replies. Perhaps that's what I'll write about tomorrow, since really? My life isn't so interesting when I don't have structure or sunshine.