lundi 23 mai 2005

It is like prom. Really.

Before I recount the prom, I just have to say that Anna Karenina was amazing. I enjoy shows and performances a lot, but rarely am I blown away. But Saturday night I was. It was positively fantastic. The dancers were so bendy, too, and freakishly so! I am inspired to start taking ballet lessons to see if I too can bend in unnatural ways. But anyways, if you have the chance to see the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg, GO. They are contemporary ballet, but not scary weird modern ballet. As described on one website, they "use the solid foundation of impeccable classical ballet training as a launching pad for innovative, modern choreography". On another, it's described as a "penetrating contemporary vision merging sex appeal, cinematic storytelling and fierce ballet technique". GOGOGO - I promise to you it's worth it, even if you don't like ballet.

Anyhow. I bring you pictures! A few, at least. So backtrack a little to Friday night..

When the first people walked in the door on Friday night, they were in khakis, and there we were, the core crew, all dressed up, the social divas (the three of us who planned the event) with tiaras on, wolfing down food like we hadn't eaten in days. Just because we look pretty doesn't mean we're not going to eat. And they were like, "Oh, so you really did mean for people to dress up like it was prom."

OBVIOUSLY. When the flyers say stuff like, "memories of prom" and "dress up like it's your prom!" - yes, we really do mean to dress like you're going to prom. Not khakis and fleeces. No matter.

The obligatory picture of food. Two words: BACON-WRAPPED SCALLOPS. I think I ate like a dozen of those suckers before people showed up. Ooh, and the spanakopitas. I kept eating those all night long (because they ran out of bacon-wrapped scallops, dammit). And that's water in the glass. Water, if you consider peach stoli and tonic water. I mean, I drank them like they were water. There were health reasons: tonic water is good for warding off malaria.

And here is picture of not just one pair, but FOUR pairs of shoes, for all you shoe people! My foot is the one on the very bottom. You can't see the lovely 3.5 inch heel, which is just too bad. (And they ARE different from the other gold sandal pictured, in that there was no ankle strap, and you can't really see it, but the crisscrossing of the straps made a Celtic-ish knot pattern) I did not fall all night! Nor did I take off my shoes until the very end! They are very comfortable, or as comfortable as stilettos can be.

And even though my hair doesn't look so good, and my head didn't make it into this shot (and you can't see my pink tiara! I had to actually be forced into wearing it, so that people knew who to come to with questions), this is by far the most flattering picture of me all night. I mean, check it out. I have like no stomach, and my arm even looks decent. (And seriously, dude, my chest. Check that sucker out. I wasn't going to remark on it, but it was totally going to be the elephant in the room, so I might as well nip it in the bud. The boning in that dress was seriously a miracle of science and dressmaking, and the angle of the picture just empasizes it more.) But isn't the dress pretty! However, it's so not Versace.

And lest you think this was solely a decadent affair with no purpose - ALL ticket proceeds went towards this emergency fund for students for students at the ed school, in case people need to buy an emergency plane ticket home but don't have money, or when they've lost everything in a fire (which actually did happen a couple of months ago). We made a fair amount, which was a nice benefit to the evening.