vendredi 20 mai 2005

Hello, Virginia Woolf.*

*(You know, stream of consciousness and all that.)

What would a proper Friday posting be without pictures of food? Therefore, here is a picture of a cheesecake that Tweedle and I made. And by "Tweedle and I made", I mean that I ate as many of the yummy chocolate wafers as I could steal before she ground them up to make the crust, and then tried to eat as many blackberries as I could get away with. Sometimes, I am actually an impediment in the kitchen.

Surely, hell has frozen over because I turned down drinking last night to write papers. This never happened when I was an undergrad. Okay, fine, I had two drinks. But I went home like a responsible young lady after that to write stupid papers (ie, watch more Food Network).

And you know it's a problem when it only takes you thirty seconds to determine whether or not you have seen a particular Food Network episode, because you keep the darned station on 24/7 while trying to write papers. Worst part is, you've seen most of them over the course of the past ten days, and they apparently go into repeats. But you'll still watch them anyways, because you like food porn girl and hot young chef your friends are helping you quasi-stalk.

I have written my little heart out on matters pertaining to the achievement gap (Hello! Wave to the professor I will be working for this summer! Yes! The ones who reads us sometimes weird poems! (His other poems about early childhood eduation are actually quite good.) And while you're at it, you can wave to my advisor who made me write this stupid independent study paper! The paper that has put me through hell and back, because who the hell actually works on an independent study over the course of the semester? Perhaps if I had taken her suggestion to work on it for 10 hours/week, because apparently that's how much we were supposed to work on our independent studies - HAHA! 10 hours per week? HAH!) and am absolutely drained. By the time you read this, I will be tanning my cute little ass off in this "warm" weather we're experiencing and eating a lobster roll, because goddammit, I need a break from the computer, you have no idea. And then I'm going to get into a party dress, because tonight's the night of the ed school dance, and we themed it the prom, because it's so fitting. Education. Prom. GET IT?

What is interesting is my horoscope. It's been telling me crap like:
Your master plan starts to come together, and it's even better than you'd hoped. Celebrate.
Is friendship really all there is between you and that certain someone you've known for what seems like forever? If you're not sure, better straighten that out soon -- at least in your own mind -- before they ask.
You shine at whatever you put your hand (or heart) to at the beginning of the week, so a relationship (or a prospective one) could really take off. Just beware of leaving a trail of stunned, crushed-out individuals in your path. After all, you want good romantic karma, right? Build on that theme on Thursday and Friday by clarifying your values surrounding love -- and by helping someone else do the right thing. This weekend, your emotions take over, shoving that sharp mind of yours into the back seat. Why fight it when you can enjoy the ride?
Now, let's analyse (I've in this groove now, I've been doing lots of analysing).

Part 1: I have no real master plan, unless you count the one where I get married and have rugrats. However, that's not scheduled to go into implementation for a couple of years or so, so currently I have no master plan. Damn my horoscope for making me think I should have one.

Part 2: If the fates have decided it's Nicky, finally, after all this time, I don't want him anymore, he has too many issues for me. Aside from that, the only "someone[s] I've known forever" are female. Woohoo, I'm gonna get me a lesbian lover this week!

Part 3: I am going to meet someone at the Prom tonight! (Maybe it will be my lesbian lover!) HAHAHA, I know I've said it many times, but there are no, I repeat NO, guys at the ed school.

But you know what, screw it all. My hair is set in small buns (you know, so that when I take them out I'll have actual waves in my hair for at least 30 minutes), I get to wear a pretty dress tonight with lovely gold heels, so I don't think I care very much about anything else right now.