jeudi 14 avril 2005

Virginia is for lovers.

I think that I love the Richmond Airport. They have wireless internet, which makes up for the lack of food and shopping. More airports should have free wireless instead of charging people to use it. I mean, don't they just pay one flat fee anyway? Does it matter how many users they have? I could certainly have used free wireless when I used to visit fuckhead, and would have 3.5 hour layovers in Pittsburgh. At least in Pittsburgh there was lots of shopping. Namely, they had a Nine West which had free shipping. That meant you (I) could buy tons of shoes and blithely have them shipped home. No wonder I have tons of shoes I've only worn once. It was lovely.

I fail to understand, however, what makes the Richmond Airport an international one. As far as I can tell, no flights go directly to any international location. Maybe it's because they have flights that go north of the Mason-Dixon line. Maybe that's what makes them international.

Additionally, how many people are flying to New Orleans from Richmond on a Thursday morning? (My next flight doesn't show up as one of the nonstop routes on that cute little map, should I be worried?) Apparently, enough so that I cannot use my nice preferred status to upgrade to first class, which I find really annoying. I hate flying in steerage. Shouldn't people be at work and not gallivanting about? And at least according to google maps, Richmond to New Orleans is only twice the distance of Boston to Richmond, yet the flight is almost three times in length (this is an approximation, I don't feel like doing the exact math). It just doesn't make sense. Hrmph.