jeudi 7 avril 2005

Stupid Lions.

Now, I know that some of you out there went to that school. If you like your alma mater, that's great. Forgive me for hating them completely and utterly, because their admissions department seems to be run by a bunch of freaking morons.

Okay, to be fair, it's really just this particular school that I'm bashing, and I realise that they have their own admissions department.

For you long-term readers, you'll perhaps remember when I applied there last year for their master's program. You'll also perhaps remember the whole little fun time I had when I thought I was accepted but wasn't quite sure since I hadn't received paper confirmation, and nobody would freaking tell me if I was in or not. (About three weeks, and many emails, later, I finally received a paper acceptance.)

Then in the fall, obviously not having learned my lesson, I decided to apply there for my PhD. Since I had already applied there the year before (albeit for a different program), I was pretty sure that I didn't have to resend in my GRE scores and transcripts. But since I wanted to make sure, I was treated to talking to a series of dimwits who weren't actually sure if I had to resend everything or not. (I didn't have to. I have email confirmation.)

Of course, this is the only school I have yet to hear from regarding my doctoral application. And even though I am set on returning to LA, and have already accepted there, I'd like to hear from this stupid NY school just so I can close that chapter of my life.

It is April 7th. Every other school let me know at least 3 weeks ago, if not even further back. And yesterday, I received a letter from the head of admissions at stupid NY school saying that they did NOT have my GRE scores and that they could not process my application without them.

There is no need for me to explain the intense amount of frustration I feel. But perhaps I shall anyway.
  1. I sent in my application December 10th. This letter is dated March 30th. Don't you think they could've told me before then?
  2. What the HELL is wrong with them? I checked off all the appropriate boxes that said to transfer my scores from last year's application to this year's application. They obviously got my transcripts, why not the GRE scores?
  3. When in the HELL are they going to make their decisions if they haven't done so already?
  4. By the way, the letter is dated March 30th, and I received it yesterday, April 6th. It does not take that long for mail to get from NY to here.
GRR. I am so ready to give them a nice and healthy piece of my mind. How a bunch of complete morons continue to have such important jobs is beyond me.

(Additionally, their professors have a bad rap for taking advantage of their students. And everyone I know who went their for their masters hated it and would never return in a million years. So if you're thinking of applying there, don't. Not like it would matter anyway, I'm sure they'd mess up your application somehow.)