jeudi 28 avril 2005

Statistics is so boring.

There are very few things for which I'll wake up at 10am on a Sunday. It has to be damn good, because otherwise I'd prefer to laze around in bed, watching whatever I've tivoed, until 1pm or so. I am very good at lazing about - it's an art, and I've perfected it. Plus, my bed is really comfortable. You can ask anyone who's crashed at my place and shared my bed with me. Nobody ever wants to leave.

One of those things, however, is dim sum. I love dim sum. It perfectly suits my eating style - ordering lots and LOTS of small plates so that you get to taste a zillion different things.

And so, last Sunday, my friend and I trekked our hungover selves to Chau Chow City, in the Chinatown part of Boston. And when I say trek, I mean trek - not only had we not gotten home until 2:30 that morning, from a late night spent defending our precious selves against sketchy guys (read: clubbing), but it was also raining and the wind was blowing like there was no tomorow. The sacrifices we make for food.

This particular friend and I get along so well. We're on the same wavelength regarding almost everything - classes, gossip, making fun of people, not doing work - and most importantly, eating. We both eat everything, which makes it really fun to try different cuisines - not that either of us were strangers to dim sum. Hahahaha. Definitely no. We grossed everyone else out - and we think they didn't come because of this - by proclaiming our deep and undying love for chicken feet.

Now, most of you will say "ew" to chicken feet. True, it's a gross concept, but they're so damn good when done well. There is nothing like sucking the skin off the bones (chicken feet are first deep fried, then braised, and there's no meat there, just skin). But even we were slightly grossed out by the following:

That's right, that's a CHICKEN'S TOENAIL. Generally, you don't see this. That's my friend's nail next to it for comparison's sake. Gross. And that was the end of the daily consumption of chicken feet. Good thing that was the last one to be eaten.

This is a sad lonely char siu bao, sitting in a to-go container. (Can't let them go to waste!) I love char siu bao - meat, dough, and a slightly sweet flavour all in one. How can you go wrong?

And this is our empty table. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the amount of food we consumed, given that it was just the two of us. They'd taken away a lot of our empty plates by this time, but you get the idea.

Afterwards, we went shopping. A perfect way to procrastinate on the crapload of work to be done.

Chau Chow City - unlike so many things in Boston - is open until 4am! Next time, we're going after clubbing. Because nothing compliments the many vodka-tonics and shimmying across the dance floor like some good ol' dim sum.