mercredi 6 avril 2005

More food fixations.

Enough about my current frozen pasta cravings. Let's talk about a whole more dangerous obsession.

That is, my obsession with the Food Network.

This is why I didn't want to get cable. I knew how easily I'd get sucked in. I'll watch anything if it's on the Food Network. Well, anything except for any show that's actually an infomercial or that features Rachael Ray. Gosh, I really dislike her smarmy little ass. She drives me nuts. However she got featured in Maxim or Stuff or whatever men's magazine it was is beyond me. But everyone else I'll gladly watch, even Emeril who sometimes annoys me with all his BAMing and KICKING THINGS UP A NOTCH. Gah. But the rest. Iron Chef for all its campiness, Everyday Italian for the great closeups of the food (by the way, men's mags dumbasses - Giada de Laurentiis is way hotter than Rachael Ray, and this is coming from another girl), Paula's Home Cooking for Paula Deen's fabulous southern accent, Easy Entertaining because I think the host is cute, the Barefoot Contessa because she simply is sublime... not to mention the specials! Who doesn't want to watch hours of the world championships in chocolate sculpture, or whatever it is those people do?

In short, there is very little I wouldn't watch on the Food Network.

And I remain completely addicted to it. Fuckhead had cable, and when I'd visit him, he'd seriously leave me lying on the couch watching the Food Network while he went off to the library and studied, returning some four hours later to find me still not having moved, completely transfixed by whatever was on the the television at that time. Even cartoons can't keep me focused for that long.

And now, we've just started subscribing to cable. And I have a television in my bedroom, because there was nowhere else to put it when I moved in here. It's just a disaster, I'm telling you. How I get anything done is beyond me. But homework seems so trivial when compared to the wonders of food.