mercredi 27 avril 2005


Alternatively titled: What to eat when you don't have time to make the risotto you wanted to make, dammit.

Chop up whatever leftover vegetables are in the fridge, whilst grumbling about how done with school you are. Combine in baking pan with garlic-flavoured olive oil. Broil on high. Contemplate watching the Gilmore Girls while you wait, but you know you'll just get sucked in and you have this damn 15-page stats paper to write. Stir and add chopped up proscuitto after 5 minutes. Think about joining the circus. Think about really moving to Paris. Wonder about how you can just find someone wealthy to marry so that you don't have to do math ever again. Remove vegetables after another 5 minutes. Wish you had better potholders, because crap, the pan is hot. Sprinkle some fleur de sel over the vegetables. Bring back to room - where the evil stats assignment resides - regretfully, and consume, while writing about welfare and Republicans and whatever else the paper entails.